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Ross Morrison McGill founded @TeacherToolkit in 2010, and today, he is one of the 'most followed educators'on social media in the world. In 2015, he was nominated as one of the '500 Most Influential People in Britain' by The Sunday Times as a result of...
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I’ve been blogging since 2000, but from an educational context, I published my first blog on teaching here in October 2010 and then moved to this website in August 2012. You can find every blog indexed below (circa. November 2015).

I have blogged over 500 times on this site and have indexed every post below. To mark this blog, I have published my inside tips for readers: 10 Tips for Education Bloggers.

500+ blogposts …

The cuts of teaching and learning:

Teaching and Learning cuts and joints!

I have been writing about education in journals and publications since 2004; focusing solely on teaching and learning, Design Technology, the Arts, staff wellbeing and most recently, classroom resources for every teacher.

This has evolved (c)2008 into writing more and more about school leadership; staff development, wellbeing and educational policy; plus other areas shown in the image. On this page, every blog is collectively listed and catalogued for the reader to source more easily: ‘The cuts of teaching and learning‘; my own educational-referencing.

I now, no longer update this webpage as it will become unmanageable for readers to navigate, and is not something I would wish to sustain forever. Still, I hope the reader can find blogs catalogued, as well as use the ‘search’ icon to find what they are looking for. Enjoy!

Teaching and Learning:

  1. Pose, Pause, Pounce, Bounce! by @TeacherToollkit
  2. Can signs be used to improve teaching and learning? by @TeacherToolkit
  3. Questioning – Moving from Good to Outstanding by @TeacherToolkit
  4. What would school life be like, without bells? by  @LancsLassRach
  5. #RapidProgress in my classroom: How it is made and how do I know it? #BlogSync
  6. How to move your teaching on from ‘requires improvement? by @TeacherToolkit
  7. My life without a red pen would be… by @Mike_Gunn
  8. Reducing TeacherTalk in formal observations by @TeacherToolkit.
  9. Why I’m placing #LearningWalks in Room 101 by @TeacherToolkit
  10. #Pygmalion teacher, expectancy-effect by @TeacherToolkit
  11. #BookLooks and Mantras: The Ugly Truth by @TeacherToolkit
  12. Progress over time #POTteaching: by @TeacherToolkit
  13. I want to be a #SmartAss by @TeacherToolkit
  14. The visual anatomy of a #GreatTeacher by @TeacherToolkit
  15. Lesson reflection and review by @TeacherToolkit
  16. The role of lesson observations by @TeacherToolkit
  17. Stepping away from observational judgements by @TeacherTookit
  18. Improving reading speed; therefore, reducing marking time by @TeacherToolkit
  19. The #UglyTruth revisited: Marking; monitoring and progress by @TeacherToolkit
  20. 30 simple questions by @TeacherToolkit
  21. Outstanding ReflectionQs by @TeacherToolkit
  22. Can observers spot good teaching? by @TeacherToolkit for @GreatEdDebate
  23. Where do observations go from here? by @TeacherToolkit
  24. Getting it right: The importance of observations by @TeacherToolkit (Part 1/2)
  25. Getting it right: The value of observations by @TeacherToolkit (Part 2/2)
  26. 5 warning signs of a #LousyTeacher by @TeacherToolkit
  27. A culture of lesson observation by @Adam_Snell
  28. 50 forward-planning questions by @TeacherToolkit
  29. 10 reasons to love #homework by @TeacherToolkit
  30. How would you like to be observed? by @TeacherToolkit
  31. Where do observations go from here? Going beyond CPD: by @TeacherToolkit
  32. Teachers and Lesson Observations by @DrMattOLeary
  33. Observation as a Tool to Enhance Teacher Learning, Part 2 by @DrMattOLeary
  34. The Marking Frenzy by @TeacherToolkit
  35. The 5 Wonders of Teaching by @TeacherToolkit
  36. Lesson Plan Research by @Angel_Solutions
  37. A Valid Landscape for Teaching and Learning by @TeacherToolkit
  38. To Grade or Not to Grade? by @TeacherToolkit
  39. Consolidate Your Blueprint For New Teachers by @TeacherToolkit
  40. The Power of Not Yet by @TeacherToolkit
  41. Taking A Look at Books by @TeacherToolkit
  42. A Common Sense Approach to Marking Workload by @TeacherToolkit
  43. Constantly Tweaking Teaching and Learning by @TeacherToolkit
  44. What Not to Mark? by @TeacherToolkit
  45. Sticky-Plaster Marking by @TeacherToolkit
  46. The Observational Scalpel by @TeacherToolkit
  47. #SeatingPlans: Vital For Learning by @TeacherToolkit
  48. #CovertFeedback by @TeacherToolkit
  49. A Good Going-Over by @TeacherToolkit
  50. Pedagogically Speaking on #Piaget by @TeacherToolkit
  51. #PepTalks by @TeacherToolkit
  52. Just #Bananas! by @TeacherToolkit
  53. 10 Things I Wish I Knew About Teaching 10 Years Ago by @TeacherToolkit
  54. Watching Yourself Teach Can Be Transformational by @TeacherToolkit
  55. My Greatest Mistake by @TeacherToolkit
  56. Are You A Resilient Teacher? by @TeacherToolkit
  57. Such a Show-Off by @TeacherToolkit
  58. 10 Reflection Questions to Ask Every Teacher by @TeacherToolkit
  59. Mark-Plan-Teach by @TeacherToolkit
  60. Go With The Learning by @TeacherToolkit
  61. I’m a Storyteller by @TeacherToolkit
  62. 12 Ways to Embrace Marking and Feedback by @TeacherToolkit
  63. Stay in MINT Condition in Your Classroom by @TeacherToolkit
  64. 26 Ideas for Sharing Classroom Best Practice
  65. The 7 Deadly Sins of Teaching
  66. Claim Back Your Weekend
  67. Whole-School Marking: What? Why? How?
  68. 5 Tips when Moving from Classroom to Classroom
  69. Verbal Feedback Stamp Madness!


  1. What makes an Outstanding school? By @TeacherToolkit?
  2. Should Ofsted exist? by @RealDCameron
  3. Outstanding teaching using the new framework by @TeacherToolkit.
  4. Notes on the new Ofsted framework: how to be outstanding by @TeacherToolkit.
  5. Thwart the Grim-Reaper: Ofsted reworks 2013 by @TeacherToolkit
  6. Grab Outstanding lessons with both hands!
  7. 5 #GrimReaper facts about #Ofsted for the teacher by @TeacherToolkit
  8. @OfstedNews updates for all teachers: #GrimReaper
  9. A leadership experience of Ofsted #SecretOfsted
  10. Why lesson feedback can be divisive? #SecretOfsted
  11. There is no such thing as an Outstanding (one-off) lesson! #GrimReaper
  12. #Vamoose! I’m off… to a meeting with @OfstedNews
  13. #SecretOfsted: A special school experience for @OfstedNews
  14. An edu-blogger mandate for @OfstedNews
  15. When observations go wrong: #SecretOfsted by @TeacherToolkit
  16. How can @OfstedNews win over teachers?
  17. Hurrah for @OfstedNews! #NoMoreGrades by @TeacherToolkit
  18. What are @OfstedNews Now Saying? by @TeacherToolkit
  19. Observing the Observers: @OfstedNews by @TeacherToolkit
  20. Overall Effectiveness by @TeacherToolkit #SecretOfsted
  21. 10 @OfstedNews MythBusters by @TeacherToolkit
  22. @HarfordSean’s Message for @OfstedNews Inspectors
  23. No More Grades. A Suggestion by @TeacherToolkit
  24. @OfstedNews Say Sorry by @TeacherToolkit
  25. 9 Questions for OfSTED’s @HarfordSean by @TeacherToolkit
  26. Focus on The Fluffy Stuff by @TeacherToolkit
  27. @OfstedNews 22 Years On by @TeacherToolkit

Department for Education / Politics:

  1. Policy review: are schools facing an autumn of discontent? by @TeacherToolkit?
  2. What #Gove’s up, must #Gove down! My top 10 Gove faux-pas by @TeacherToolkit.
  3. The day I met Mr. Gove, by Assistant Headteacher, @Cherrylkd
  4. A #QTS letter to @EducationGovUK: Dear DfE by @TeacherToolkit
  5. The social-media epoch is out-dating Ofsted and The Department for Education by @TeacherToolkit
  6. Gove Political Pants by @TwistedTwee #GovePants
  7. A 5-point plan for incoming DfE @NickyMorgan01
  8. 7 Facts Teachers are Sick of Hearing from Politicians by @TeacherToolkit
  9. Support The Arts! by @TeacherToolkit
  10. The Workload Challenge Report by @EducationGovUK
  11. If I Were Secretary of State for Education … by @TeacherToolkit
  12. Who Should Teachers Votes For? by @TeacherToolkit
  13. Stay Away Michael Gove by @TeacherToolkit
  14. A Better Workload for Teachers by @TeacherToolkit
  15. Promises, promises, promises by @TeacherToolkit
  16. The Future of Education in England by @TeacherToolkit
  17. Food Technology A Level is Abolished
  18. Coasting Schools
  19. What Has Happened To The Teacher Workload Groups?
  20. 9 Workload Protocols for Education


  1. Handbags and Gladrags on @GuardianTeach
  2. Why should you encourage kids to ask ‘why’? by @MsFindlater
  3. @ClassroomCarrot is used in my classroom to reward student progress, by @TeacherToolkit
  4. To uniform or not to uniform, that is the question? by @TeacherToolkit
  5. Inspiring End of Term #Assembly by @TeacherToolkit
  6. 1 in 4 students in your classroom by @TeacherToolkit #WorldPrematurityDay #SEN
  7. #TakeAwayHmk is #UnHomework
  8. #UnHomework by @EP3577
  9. Celebrity-Culture, Quick Wins and the Impact on Student-Aspirations by @MooreLynne1.
  10. Quick Wins versus Hard Graft by @CelebYouthUK
  11. 10 Great Form Tutor Tips by @TeacherToolkit
  12. White Noise by @TeacherToolkit
  13. Revision and Examinations by @TeacherToolkit
  14. Art Exhibition by @QKynaston #SupportTheArts
  15. How Do You Provide Classroom Rewards?
  16. How Can We Make Our Students Tougher?


  1. A Fathers Day post.
  2. Dear Parent, what I’d really like to say is…, by @StephenDrew72
  3. Educational hopes and fears for my own children, by @xJulieSmithx
  4. How fatherhood changed my perception of teaching.
  5. Raising aspirations and equal-access by @TeacherToolkit
  6. When childcare backfires! by @TeacherToolkit
  7. #FathersDay: Reflections on all things fatherhood by @RossMcGill
  8. School Admissions Code Awareness by @BlissCharity
  9. #FathersDay: On Being A Dad by @TeacherToolkit
  10. How To Cope With Exam Results?
  11. Proud To Be A Parent
Could @TeacherToolkit really talk about all this?
Could @TeacherToolkit really talk about all this?

(CPD) Continued Professional Development:

  1. @TeacherToolkit training…
  2. Training day pitfalls: What to avoid and how to put it right!
  3. Planning outstanding CPD provision for Support staff.
  4. Professional development for teachers: How can we take it to the next level? #Outstanding
  5. The Universal Panacea? #BlogSync by @TeacherToolkit
  6. I have a dream…
  7. Ignore the #DfE: Teachers are doing it for themselves! by @TeacherToolkit
  8. Raising the status of the teaching profession, by @CollegeOfTeach
  9. #GoodinTen – Requires Improvement CPD programme, by @TeacherToolkit
  10. The true costs of teaching and #CPD training, by @TeacherToolkit
  11. Peer-to-peer ‘fear or hear’? by @TeacherToolkit
  12. Perfection is a myth, but excellence is a habit by @TeacherToolkit
  13. Thirty words, 30 seconds by @TeacherToolkit #Thirty30
  14. #TeacherCPD Conferences by @TeacherToolkit and @CazzWebbo
  15. Let’s Talk About Teaching by @TeacherToolkit
  16. Power to the People by @TeacherToolkit
  17. Brilliant Behaviour by @TeacherToolkit
  18. CPD Needs Analysis for Every Teacher by @TeacherToolkit
  19. Speed-Dating CPD: Bring and Brag by @TeacherToolkit
  20. Power from the Floor by @TeacherToolkit
  21. Blindingly Brilliant Behaviour by @PivotalPaul at @QKynaston
  22. The Vitruvian Teacher by @TeacherToolkit
  23. 5 Time-Saving Ideas for Teachers by @TeacherToolkit
  24. Oh Canada by @TeacherToolkit
  25. The Challenges of Teaching Food Technology by @TeacherToolkit
  26. The Things Teachers Say by @TeacherToolkit
  27. One Small Tweet for Teachers, One Giant Blog for Teaching by @TeacherToolkit
  28. Welcome To Your New School by @TeacherToolkit
  29. Memoirs of a Teacher: Part 1 by @TeacherToolkit
  30. Memoirs of a Teacher: Part 2 by @TeacherToolkit
  31. Memoirs of a Teacher: Part 3 by @TeacherToolkit
  32. Memoirs of a Teacher: Part 4 by @TeacherToolkit
  33. Developing Great Teaching by @TeacherToolkit
  34. Memoirs of a Teacher: Part 5 by @TeacherToolkit
  35. The CPD Achilles Heel by @TeacherToolkit
  36. Revisiting Teacher Training by @TeacherToolkit
  37. 32,500 Teachers by @TeacherToolkit
  38. Memoirs of a Teacher: Part 6 by @TeacherToolkit
  39. Memoirs of a Teacher: Part 7 by @TeacherToolkit
  40. Memoirs of a Teacher: Part 8
  41. Memoirs of a Teacher: Part 9

Staff Well Being:

  1. What is your number one #TeachingAsset? by @TeacherToolkit
  2. #FieryTeaching in schools and classrooms by @TeacherToolkit
  3. The #GuiltyTeacher. Guilty as charged! by @TeacherToolkit
  4. Are you feeling #ThePinch? by @TeacherToolkit
  5. #EndOfFlight forecasting by @TeacherToolkit
  6. When I’m 66 by @TeacherToolkit
  7. Support teachers in the face of growing challenge by @TeacherToolkit
  8. A 5-point plan for teacher #wellbeing by @TeacherToolkit
  9. The Workload Conversation by @TeacherToolkit
  10. The Answer is Simple by @TeacherToolkit
  11. Teacher Stress by @TeacherToolkit
  12. #Teacher5ADay by @TeacherToolkit
  13. Going for Gold by @TeacherToolkit
  14. Developing Resilience and Wellbeing by @TeacherToolkit #Phew
  15. A Quick Guide to Well Being by @TeacherToolkit
  16. Developing Good New Habits
  17. Teaching is an Emotional Roller-coaster

School Leadership:

  1. The first day at work (in leadership).
  2. My first term as Head, by @HeadGuruTeacher – Tom Sherrington
  3. A war of nerves? by @TeacherToolkit #SLTchat
  4. What has teaching changed about your life? by Headteacher, @LynneWin100
  5. #Peepshows and #Rubbernecks by @TeacherToolkit
  6. A flexible approach to #Threshold by @TeacherToolkit
  7. Inspirational Leadership of Teaching and Learning for @PiXLClub #PiXL13 by @TeacherToolkit
  8. What makes an outstanding senior leader? #360Review (Part 1 of 6)
  9. How would you lead teaching and learning? #360Review (Part 2 of 6)
  10. How to develop yourself and work with others? #360Review (Part 3 of 6)
  11. Can you manage the school organisation? #360Review (Part 4 of 6)
  12. Securing accountability with leadership actions: #360Review (Part 5 of 6)
  13. Headship: Can you engage with the internal and external school community? #360Review (Part 6 of 6)
  14. Headteacher: What would you do? (Part 1/2) by @TeacherToolkit
  15. Headteacher: What would you do? (Part 2/2) by @TeacherToolkit
  16. The teacher-genetic-code by @TeacherToolkit
  17. A New Outlook by @TeacherToolkit
  18. A Shift from Teaching to Learning by @TeacherToolkit
  19. Typicality and Support by @TeacherToolkit
  20. Looking Back and Looking Forward by @TeacherToolkit
  21. Something Old, Something New for @QKynaston
  22. DeCamp by @TeacherToolkit
  23. The Potential Fate of School Leaders Everywhere by @TeacherToolkit
  24. Ding A-Ling A-Ling by @TeacherToolkit
  25. Lessons in Leadership by @TeacherToolkit
  26. The Difficult Conversation by @TeacherToolkit
  27. Rough Seas Make The Best Sailors by @JillBerry102
  28. The Life of a Deputy Headteacher by @TeacherToolkit
  29. Shadowing Leadership for CPD by @TeacherToolkit
  30. Identifying and Developing Leadership Talent by @TeacherToolkit
  31. Would You Lead a Requires Improvement School? by @TeacherToolkit
  32. The Life of a Deputy Headteacher: Part 2 by @TeacherToolkit
  33. Hidden Leadership by @TeacherToolkit
  34. A Way Forward for Teaching and Learning by @TeacherToolkit
  35. Building Learning Power by @TeacherToolkit
  36. 10 Questions to Ask Every Middle Leader by @TeacherToolkit
  37. 10 Questions to Ask Every Senior Leader by @TeacherToolkit
  38. How to Create A Culture of Teaching and Learning by @TeacherToolkit
  39. Learning Policy: (Part 1 of 3) Marking by @TeacherToolkit
  40. Grow Your Own School Leaders by @TeacherToolkit
  41. The Life of a Deputy Headteacher: Part 3 by @TeacherToolkit
  42. DeCamped by @TeacherToolkit
  43. Welcome to School Leadership
  44. Leading Teaching and Learning


  1. Find @TeacherToolkit A Job
  2. Coping with Redundancy
  3. @TeacherToolkit gets the nod.
  4. How do senior leaders get their jobs?
  5. Job applications: What I’d really like to say… by @TeacherToolkit
  6. Teacher Recruitment – @MyEdHunt, by @TeacherToolkit
  7. Teacher Recruitment musings, by @TeacherToolkit #SLTchat
  8. #Find_TTkit_A_Job *UPDATE* by @TeacherToolkit
  9. School careers clinic: help and advice on finding your dream teaching job.
  10. How do senior leaders ‘find’ work? by @TeacherToolkit
  11. #Vamoose! I’m off to @QKynaston … by @TeacherToolkit
  12. Defunct? The role of observations at interview by @TeacherToolkit
  13. What would you do? #InTray by @TeacherToolkit
  14. Terra nullius: No Man’s Land by @TeacherToolkit
  15. 5 Reasons to Work at @QKynaston
  16. Supply Teaching: Zero-Hour Contracts by @TeacherToolkit
  17. How to Unlock Teaching and Learning at Interview by @TeacherToolkit
  18. How to Unlock Senior Leadership Potential at Interview by @TeacherToolkit

Teacher Resources:

  1. #Vamoose, I’m off!
  2. #Vamoose! I’m off… to a meeting with TES Resources
  3. #Vamoose and #Skedaddle – What next @TeacherToolkit?
  4. @TESResources response to: #Vamoose I’m off!
  5. #Vamoose I’m off! @TeacherToolkit FOR SALE
  6. Get your #AssemblyMojo working by @TeacherToolkit
  7. #BeyondLessonGrades by @TeacherToolkit and @LeadingLearner
  8. #FormativeLessonObs by @TeacherToolkit and @LeadingLearner
  9. Dear @TESResources: Better late than never by @TeacherToolkit
  10. Saving teachers time: #PocketStrain and #BrainStrain by @TeacherToolkit
  11. #BeyondLessonObs gradings by @TeacherToolkit and @LeadingLearner
  12. Building a social-media profile to extend your CPD network: #Vamoose by @TeacherToolkit
  13. Schools Pay Teachers NOT Teachers Pay Teachers by @TeacherToolkit
  14. We Are What We Do Assembly by @TeacherToolkit
  15. If Not Now, When? Assembly by @TeacherToolkit
  16. The Question Matrix by @TeacherToolkit
  17. #Vamoose: @TESResources Strike Back!
  18. The Inconsistency of @TESResources by @TeacherToolkit

All my resources are listed here with my pay-per-download resources here.


  1. TeachMeets
  2. My TeachMeets CV
  3. #TMLondon
  4. #SLTeachMeet
  5. @TeacherToolkit presents #SLTchat and @SLTchat at #TMEssex
  6. #SLTeachMeet – final presentation and live document
  7. #SLTeachMeet – watch the video & audio archives
  8. TeachMeets: An underground revolution! How did it all start?
  9. Planning and hosting your own TeachMeet, by @TeacherToolkit
  10. Do #Osiris Education have egg on their face?
  11. How has blogging enhanced my CPD? by @TeacherToolkit #TMIntl (International TeachMeet presentation)
  12. #TMLondon – #Outstanding #CPD for teachers
  13. #SLTeachMeet – @MyEdHunt Teacher Recruitment by @TeacherToolkit
  14. #TeachMeets – Should they include keynote speakers and presentations?
  15. Bridging the gap between academic research and classroom practice by @SLTeachMeet
  16. The Greatest CPD Ever! by @TeacherToolkit
  17. This is #EdCampLondon
  18. Building the Bridge Between Research and Classroom Practice.
  19. 9 Barriers that Deter Teachers Engaging With Research by @TeacherToolkit


  1. Introducing @SLTchat. How it all started.
  2. #SLTchat trends on Twitter
  3. Could you sum up your educational philosophy in 140 characters?
  4. Educational Leadership and Management: @BELMASOffice – from Twitter-troll to the @HouseOfCommons
  5. The impact of #SLTchat across the UK by @EducationGovUK
  6. Teachers on Twitter by @TeacherToolkit
  7. The Profession’s Great #FreedomFighter! by @WonderFrancis
  8. 10 Tips for Tweeting Teachers by @TeacherToolkit
  9. 101 Great Teachers to Follow on Twitter by @TeacherToolkit
  10. Fingers Ready! by @NickyMorgan01
  11. #TwitteratiChallenge! by @TeacherToolkit
  12. 20 Social Media Tips for Teachers by @TeacherToolkit
  13. Twitter for the Classroom by @TeacherToolkit

Blogging / Reflections:

  1. I’m back @TeacherToolkit (my 1st ever post)
  2. The start of a new term.
  3. Intelligence.
  4. I am @TeacherToolkit – my pledge for 2013
  5. Nurture1213 – my ’12 highlights and ’13 hopes, by @TeacherToolkit
  6. @TeacherToolkit blog – 2012 in review
  7. #ASCL2013 challenge for #Gove on Red Nose Day
  8. Did you know?
  9. @TeacherToolkit progress…
  10. End of year – Progress Report by @TeacherToolkit
  11. My favourite educational blogs.
  12. Where I’ve failed as a teacher by @TeacherToolkit
  13. #Education. Hmm, a strange thing! by @TeacherToolkit
  14. #GoalPostShifters by @TeacherToolkit for @SLTCamp #SLTCamp
  15. Educational #HighsAndLows of 2013 by @TeacherToolkit
  16. #Nurture1314 – my ’13 highlights and ’14 hopes, by @TeacherToolkit
  17. Back-catalogue: #TeacherBlogs
  18. OECD: Programme for International Student Assessment (Pisa) by @TeacherToolkit
  19. #CynosuralAddiction to blogging by @TeacherToolkit
  20. Global Status #TeacherIndex by @TeacherToolkit via @VarkeyGems
  21. How can we tackle inequality in English education? with @TheRSAOrg
  22. Educational Inequality in England by @TeacherToolkit
  23. #EduSwapIt: A social-enterprise project
  24. The importance of handwriting by @TeacherToolkit
  25. The Last Lecture by @TeacherToolkit
  26. The Last Lecture Revisited by @TeacherToolkit
  27. #CreativeTheory in pictures by @TeacherToolkit
  28. #Flashbulb Memory by @TeacherToolkit
  29. An education tour of duty by @TeacherToolkit
  30. Back To School Advice by @TeacherToolkit
  31. Learning Takes a Global Journey by @VSOUK
  32. Build Around Me by @TeacherToolkit
  33. Thoughts on Mastery In The Classroom by @TeacherToolkit
  34. 10 Hard Questions by @TeacherToolkit
  35. Who I Am and What I Do by @TeacherToolkit
  36. Back-Catalogue 2014: #TeacherBlogs, Patterns and Data
  37. The Celebrity Teacher by @TeacherToolkit
  38. The @Bett_Show Selfie by @TeacherToolkit
  39. @TeacherToolkit Features in @SchoolsWeek
  40. The Battle of Waterloo by @Waterloo200org
  41. To Teach or Not To Teach by @TeacherToolkit
  42. #Kapow! by @TeacherToolkit
  43. Frequently Asked Questions by @TeacherToolkit
  44. The Teacher Swagger by @TeacherToolkit
  45. #Shush: The Deadly Sin by @TeacherToolkit
  46. @JamieOliver Says My Lessons Are Rubbish by @TeacherToolkit
  47. 10 Tips for Blogging Teachers by @TeacherToolkit
  48. A Blogger’s Experiment by @TeacherToolkit
  49. #TeachingTruths by @TeacherToolkit
  50. Perfect Punctuation! by @TeacherToolkit
  51. #PenATweet Day by @TeacherToolkit
  52. Why I Need to Work Smarter by @TeacherToolkit
  53. #10Highlights as a Deputy Headteacher by @TeacherToolkit
  54. Why Some People Can’t Help Believing in Conspiracies by @TeacherToolkit
  55. Social Proof: Bystanders Uncertainty
  56. The Ripple Effect
  57. Why Memory is Unreliable?
  58. The Future of Education in England

Everything Indexed by @TeacherToolkit


  1. Education Panorama (July ’14) by @TeacherToolkit
  2. Education Panorama (August ’14) by @TeacherToolkit
  3. Education Panorama (September ’14) by @TeacherToolkit
  4. Education Panorama (October ’14) by @TeacherToolkit
  5. Education Panorama (November ’14) by @TeacherToolkit
  6. Education Panorama (December ’14) by @TeacherToolkit
  7. Education Panorama (January ’15) by @TeacherToolkit
  8. Education Panorama (February ’15) by @TeacherToolkit
  9. Education Panorama (March ’15) by @TeacherToolkit
  10. Education Panorama (April ’15) by @TeacherToolkit
  11. Education Panorama (May ’15) by @TeacherToolkit
  12. Education Panorama (June ’15) by @TeacherToolkit
  13. Education Panorama (July ’15) by @TeacherToolkit
  14. Education Panorama (August ’15)

Educational Thunks:

  1. @TeacherToolkit Thunks 100 series
  2. What do you keep in your desktop drawer? by Headteacher @RachelOrr
  3. The day I ripped my pants at work, by education columnist @PhilBeadle
  4. Will you be teaching in 3 years? 5 years? by Deputy Headteacher @Plestered
  5. Why is photocopying always a pain in the arse?! by Deputy Headteacher @Simon_Warburton
  6. What if staff rooms ceased to exist? by Director of Literacy, @LearningSpy
  7. My life without a red pen, by @TheRealMrRoo
  8. The day #NinjaMonkeys attacked our schools by @PaulYB37
  9. Teaching is often described as a bug, by @MrCJHewitt
  10. The politics of school car-parking, by @LipLash_Mason
  11. Where did we coin the word ‘classroom’? by @MarkJWarner
  12. What if classrooms had no doors? by @HeatherLeatt
  13. The day I forgot to plan my lesson, by @JohnSayers
  14. The moment I swore in the classroom by @_JPMason
  15. The moment I swore in the classroom (part 2), by @90_Maz
  16. What would you do if you couldn’t set a detention? by @ferrr80
  17. That Sunday night feeling, by @Jim1982
  18. A typical Head of Technology, by @Jim1982
  19. Has your own political views changed as a teacher, during your time as a teacher?
  20. What can teachers learn from football? by @TeacherToolkit
  21. If no one is listening, are you still a teacher? by @TomBarwood
  22. The 7 things top leaders do, by @MaryMyatt
  23. What goes on behind a headteacher’s closed door? by @JillBerry102
  24. Is self-assessment effective? by @Mroberts90Matt
  25. The importance of handwriting and spelling by @TeacherToolkit
  26. From Bed to Classroom by @PJCann
  27. 30 Things You Should Never Say in the Classroom by @TeacherToolkit
  28. Are You A Resilient Teacher? by @TeacherToolkit
  29. Don’t Drink and Teach by @TeacherToolkit


  1. ONSchool Innovation – to renew or alter
  2. Why sending that ‘All staff’ email should be banned! by Headteacher @PKAinsworth
  3. Should schools use CCTV in toilets? by Headteacher @VicGoddard
  4. ICT geeks in my school, by @GripWeed1
  5. Using @IPEVO in the classroom by @TeacherToolkit
  6. 10 Ways to Protect your School from a Social-Media Crisis by @DigitalSisters
  7. Social Media Failure from the Classroom by @DigitalSisters
  8. 10 Simple Coding Tips for Bloggers by @TeacherToolkit
  9. How to Stay Social Media Streetwise by @DigitalSisters
  10. ICT Equipment for Every Classroom by @TeacherToolkit

Academic Research:

  1. Can semiotics be used to improve teaching and learning? by @TeacherToolkit
  2. Creative Teaching and Applied Imagination by @TeacherToolkit
  3. Rewarding risk: how e-scape changes learning via @TeacherToolkit
  4. What is the Point of Copying Lesson Objectives? by @rpd1972
  5. The Notion of the ‘Good Enough School’
  6. The Co-operative: Good with Schools?
  7. What Works? by @TeacherToolkit

Book Writing:

  1. 100 Ideas: My book journey by @TeacherToolkit
  2. #100Ideas: Outstanding Lessons
  3. 100 words for #100Ideas Book Competition
  4. #100Ideas: Book reviews by the people …
  5. #100Ideas hashtags
  6. More and more evidence, honesty and feedback by @TeacherToolkit
  7. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly by @TeacherToolkit
  8. The Secret of Literacy by @LearningSpy – a book review by @TeacherToolkit
  9. Notes From The Front Line by @DebraKidd – a book review by @TeacherToolkit
  10. Radio Silence by @TeacherToolkit
  11. NEW BOOK: Introducing Te@cher Toolkit by @TeacherToolkit
  12. Creating, Designing and Writing a Teaching Book
  13. Intensely Pragmatic
  14. The Vitruvian Teaching Launch Party

The 5 Minute Series:

  1. The 5 Minute Lesson Plan
  2. The 5 Minute Lesson Plan INSET day.
  3. The 5 Minute Map.
  4. So what is #Stickability? by @TeacherToolkit and @Head_StMarys
  5. #Ofsted recognition of The #5MinPlan
  6. The 5 Minute Marking Plan by @TeacherToolkit and @LeadingLearner #5MinPlan
  7. The 5 Minute Lesson Plan (in video) by @TeacherToolkit #5MinPlan
  8. The 5 Minute Lesson Plan – success story by @Dani41189
  9. They’ll be another one in 5 minuets, by @AdisaPoet
  10. #5MinPlan: @TES Evidence = 138 countries!
  11. 5 Minutes of IMPACT
  12. The 5 Minute Behaviour Plan by @TeacherToolkit and @LeadingLearner
  13. The 5 Minute Results Analysis by @TeacherToolkit and @LeadingLearner
  14. The #5MinOfstedPlan by @TeacherToolkit and @LeadingLearner
  15. The 5MinCallPlan by @TeacherToolkit and @LeadingLearner
  16. The #5MinReview by @TeacherToolkit and @Shaun_Allison
  17. The 5 Minute Well-Being Plan by @TeacherToolkit and @LeadingLearner
  18. The #5MinCPDPlan by @TeacherToolkit and @LeadingLearner
  19. The 5 Minute AfL Plan by @TeacherToolkit and @PivotalPaul
  20. The 5 Minute Research Plan by @TeacherToolkit and @LeadingLearner
  21. The 5 Minute Change Plan by @TeacherToolkit and @ssgill76
  22. The 5 Minute Behaviour Fix by @TeacherToolkit
  23. The Digital 5 Minute Lesson Plan by @TeacherToolkit
  24. The #5MinWorkloadPlan by @TeacherToolkit and @LeadingLearner
  25. The #5MinAchievementPlan by @TeacherToolkit and @LeadingLearner
  26. The #5MinMainThingPlan by @TeacherToolkit and @LeadingLearner
  27. The 5 Minute Staff Briefing Plan by @TeacherToolkit and @LeadingLearner

Landmark blogs:

  1. ONE MILLION reads on @TeacherToolkit
  2. TWO MILLION reads on @TeacherToolkit
  3. THREE MILLION Classrooms Reached on @TeacherToolkit


  1. 12 days of Christmas, my Headteacher gave to me…by @TeacherToolkit
  2. ‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the school by @TeacherToolkit
  3. Auld Lang Syne #OfstedStyle by @TeacherToolkit
  4. While Teachers Mark Their Books by @RachelOrr
  5. What Do Teachers Do For The Summer?
  6. Back To School Again


  1. 10 best blogs of the year, featuring @TeacherToolkit
  2. #5MinPlan – Nominated by @TESResources Contributor of the Year 2013
  3. The EduBlog Award Nominations 2013
  4. Top 10 UK Education Blogs according to @CisionUK – with official listing here and interview – January 2014
  5. The EduBlog Award Nominations 2014
  6. The 500 Most Influential People in Britain #Debretts500
  7. The #Debretts500 Party by @TeacherToolkit
  8. Top 10 UK Education Blogs Or Not? by @TeacherToolkit
  9. @Debretts: By Invitation Only by @TeacherToolkit
  10. The Top-10 Education Blogs in the UK 2015
  11. Top 100 Education Brands and Influencers

Five years (circa. August 2015) equates to approximately 1700 days of sharing. Online writing, collaborating and reflection … I relaunched this website in August 2012 and have been truly amazed – and sometimes fortunate – with what sharing (good) practice online can bring. (I enclose ‘good’ in brackets because everything online is not always good – including my own – and must NOT be taken as verbatim). I am always pleased to read and see others taking up the challenge and joining the blogging world; particularly those who choose to start sharing their educational musings online in order to share and develop themselves. If that is you, well done and welcome to a wonderful world!

T&L cuts and joints!
T&L cuts and joints!

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