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Updated April 2018

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… used by hundreds of thousands of teachers in thousands of schools, in over 170+ countries across the world! “

Read the copyright licence. This is the original 5 Minute Lesson Plan©, including history and evidence.

How To Use?

Click here to read further explanation sand guidance for each of the sub-headings within the template. Or use a Targeted-Question grid to help frame higher-order questions. Where possible, use the Pose Pause Pounce Bounce AfL strategy to stimulate discussion.

The 5 Minute Series

There are 30+ other variations and templates – visit the #5MinPlanSeries.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. An updated version of the 5MLP is available and published in my book.
  2. Read this guidance if you would like to know how it all started or how to use the lesson plan.
  3. There is also a digital version of The 5 Minute Lesson Plan © to help speed the process of planning.
  4. I also offer a step-by-step training programme for schools.
  5. You can find more original templates (see footer) and over 12 translations …

Video Tutorial

This video demonstration was created in December 2012.

The 5-Minute Digital Lesson Plan

Perspective Angel Solutions 5 Minute Lesson Digital Plan @TeacherToolkit

The 5 Minute Lesson Plan © is available in digital format!

Anyone can now create, more workable and user-friendly lesson plans online. Read the blog announcement here or go straight to test the software out for free!



How It Started?

This blog may be how you have come to hear about The 5 Minute Lesson Plan ©. The original plan was first shared in 2008 on a piece of paper; it was first shared online in 2012. There are now over 30+ variations found here in The 5 Minute Series ©.

Visit the original link to TES Resources here – download the template – and more supporting resources. There is also a 5 Minute training programme here. You may want to pin yourself or your school to this worldwide 5 Minute map, or add your own 5 Minute template to this Wikispace and/or find a subject variation.

The 5 Minute Lesson Plan
The 5 Minute Lesson Plan in Cartoon

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… and used in over 170+ countries around the world! 

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