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The 5 Minute Lesson Plan was cited as best practice for reducing teacher workload by the Department for Education.

Today, the 5MLP has been used by hundreds of thousands of teachers, downloaded over three million times in almost every country across the world!

million downloads

Updated 5 Minute Lesson Plan (2021)

Although the dialogue regarding lesson plans has shifted dramatically over the last decade, it is still a major burden for teachers, particularly new teachers to the profession.

Some have a curriculum structure. Others have none.

This updated copy is informed by the latest cognitive science to help all teachers engineer good one-off lesson structures within a busy curriculum.

Lesson planning is a thought process not a form-filling exercise for somebody else! I hope the #5MinPlan changes your working life!

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The Lesson Plan rEvolution

The 5 Minute Lesson Plan was first shared on Twitter in 2009, despite the original plans existing on paper from ~2007. At this point, the concept went viral at a time when English school teachers provided lesson plans for observed lessons.


'Hello' to The Digital 5 Minute Lesson Plan

After many years of development, the 5 Minute Digital Lesson Plan; was re-launched in 2019, designed to speed up the lesson planning process on your desktop or handheld devices. Sign up for a free trial and try it out...


5 Minute Plan (2007)

5 Minute Plan (2013)

5 Minute Plan (2014)

5 Minute Plan (2018)


Today, you can find 12 translations which are used in over 150+ countries around the world! Afrikaans, Arabic, English, German, French, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukranian and Welsh.

Over 40 template downloads!

Research Plan

The 5 Minute Research Plan

Assembly Plan


Staff Briefing Plan

Behaviour Plan

Podcast Plan

The 5 Minute Podcast Plan by @TeacherToolkit

Interview Plan

The 5 Minute Interview Plan by @TeacherToolkit (2018)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the planning template?

This document explains how to use the lesson plan and this blog post articulates when I first used it for inspection.

I want to adapt your headings, what can I do?

Note, lesson planning is a thought-process, not a form-filling exercise. The digital version of The 5 Minute Lesson Plan was launched in 2013 to help speed up the process of planning further, not to hinder the process with detailed text. The updated version (2018) now allows users to adapt each of the headings and use the template in a variety of ways, but the 'stickability' section is locked deliberately.

I work with new teachers, how do you suggest I use the template?

There is a 5 Minute CPD programme for schools and ITT providers. Feel free to use as a backstory to its evolution and adapt the content to suit your context.

Are there other versions available?

Yes! Due to demand, an updated version was created in 2013 and was also published in my second book. Since publicaiton, the original has since evolved into 35+ other variations - visit the #5MinPlanSeries. At the same time, a digital version was created in 2013 which has since been updated - discover my new digital version!