#EduSwapIt: A social-enterprise project

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This is a non-profit social-enterprise project, using The Reciprocation Theory within an educational and cultural context.

A deadline has been set for 31st May 2015.


The #EduSwapIt idea has come about from a daydream and recollection of The Million Dollar Homepage, (2005). The idea was formed by Alex Tew who wanted to raise cash to fund his university degree and avoid accumulating debt. The idea was simple: to try and make $1m (US) by selling 1,000,000 pixels for $1 each. Hence, ‘The Million Dollar Homepage”. You can read more about how Alex set about his plan here.


#EduSwapIt has a similar goal. It is education-driven, but is non-monetary. The vision is a simple.

A [person] contributes to #EduSwapIt by swapping an item of their choice, for free, in exchange for another item. 


How it works?

  • The photograph below is the #EduSwapIt item currently available to be upsized.
  • Upsized = by [the person] donating to #EduSwapIt, they must exchange an item of greater size or of non-monetary value.
  • By doing so, contributors become part of the #EduSwapIt project and have the opportunity to see their donation grow exponentially.
  • The final item exchanged on or before 31st May 2015 will be donated to an educational charity or school.
  • Each #EduSwapIt contributor can nominate their own educational charity (or school).
  • All #EduSwapIt nominations will be polled to an online audience (May 2015) and the final item received will be donated.
  • The project is currently restricted to the United Kingdom.

What do you need to do?

* Product refers to the image in the photo below. ** Item refers to your contribution.

This product pictured below can be yours, but you will need to make a commitment by following the process and in return, agree to become part of this non-profit social-enterprise project.

  1. You agree to receive the product in the photo below by supplying @TeacherToolkit with a postal address.
  2. You agree to receive this product and #EduSwapIt (exchange and upsize) with your own item in greater value or size; within 7 days of receipt.
  3. You agree to take a photo of yourself with the product and the item you are swapping.
  4. You agree to email me this photo and agree to @TeacherToolkit uploading it onto this page.
  5. You agree to send your upsized item (by post) to a designated address stipulated by @TeacherToolkit .
  6. You agree to nominate a charity or school for the final poll.
  7. You agree fill in the contact form below and enter into a binding agreement with @TeacherToolkit .

#EduSwapIt item currently available:

A black ink, Bic ballpoint pen is available on #EduSwapIt
A black ink, Bic ballpoint pen is available – #EduSwapIt – offered by @TeacherToolkit

#EduSwapIt Contact Form:

Tweet EduSwapIt

The #EduSwapit Journey so far:

To be updated on receipt of the first #EduSwapIt exchange …

Posted 30.5.14 - Deadline for #EduSwapit is 31.5.15
Posted 30.5.14 – Deadline for #EduSwapit is 31.5.15

Disclaimer: I have no idea where #EduSwapIt will go. It could be a total failure, but it’s worth a gamble for the benefit of others.

OneRedPaperClip is another example.

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