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Thunks’ originate from the award-winning author, Ian Gilbert of Independent Thinking. Thunks are simply another way of looking at a simple question, whether that be the way it is phrased, or the literary vocabulary of its content. Ian’s ‘Little Book of Thunks‘ can be purchased here. Using my teaching experience, I have adapted the ‘Thunks’ concept into school-related scenarios and have posted a series of topics that myself and a selected number of Guest Thunkers have answered.

 Top 100 Thunks:

  1. Have your own political views changed as a teacher, during your time as a teacher? Read my answer here.
  2. Could you sum up your educational philosophy in 140 characters? Read my answer here.
  3. What do you keep in your desktop drawer? Read what Headteacher @RachelOrr hides away, here.
  4. The day I ripped my pants at work. Read what happened to education columnist @PhilBeadle on this day, here.
  5. If you were Headteacher, what is the first thing you would do? Read what Headteacher @HeadGuruTeacher did 5 years ago, here.
  6. Will you be teaching in 3 years? 5 years? Read what Deputy Headteacher @Plestered thinks here.
  7. What has teaching changed about your life? Read Headteacher @LyneeWin100 ‘s views.
  8. Why is photocopying always a pain in the arse?! Read why Deputy Headteacher @Simon_Warburton is upset, here.
  9. What if staff rooms ceased to exist? Read what Director of Literacy @LearningSpy suggests, here.
  10. The day I met Mr. Gove. Read what Senior Teacher @Cherrylkd experienced, here.
  11. Why sending that ‘All staff’ email should be banned! Read what Headteacher @PKAinsworth emailed me here.
  12. Should schools use CCTV in toilets? Read what Headteacher @VicGoddard thinks here.
  13. What would school life be like, without bells? by MFL teacher @LancsLassRach here.
  14. What if classrooms had NO doors? Read if @HeatherLeatt‘s door is open, here.
  15. The day I forgot to plan my lessons… Read what happened by @JohnSayers here!
  16. Should Ofsted exist? Read what presenter @RealDCameron says here.
  17. The moment I swore in the classroom. Read what @_JPMason said here and when @90_maz said a naughty word too, here.
  18. What would you do if you couldn’t set a ‘detention’? Read what @Ferrr80, Jennifer Robertson says here.
  19. Why should you encourage kids to ask ‘why’? Read why @MsFindlater decided to speak out, here.
  20. My life without a red pen, would be… by @Mike_Gunn click here, and @TheRealMrRoo thinks here.
  21. Dear Parent, What I’d really like to say is… by Headteacher @StephenDrew72, here.
  22. Educational hopes and fears for my own children… by @xJulieSmithx.
  23. The day #NinjaMonkeys attacked our schools by @PaulYB37
  24. Teaching is often described as a bug, by @MrCJHewitt, here.
  25. To uniform, or not to uniform? Read what I (@TeacherToolkit) think here, using Shakespeare as inspiration.
  26. ICT geeks in your school… Read what @GripWeed1 thinks here.
  27. What is your number one #TeachingAsset? by @TeacherToolkit
  28. The politics of school car parking. Read how @liplash_mason parks her car, here.
  29. Where did we coin the word ‘classroom’? by @MarkJWarner1 – find out here.
  30. That Sunday night feeling, by @Jim1982.
  31. A typical Head of Technology is…, by @Jim1982.
  32. What can teachers learn from football? by @TeacherToolkit
  33. If no one is listening, are you still a teacher? says @TomBarwood
  34. The 7 things top leaders do, by @MaryMyatt
  35. What goes on behind a headteacher’s closed door? by @JillBerry102
  36. Is self-assessment effective? by @Mroberts90Matt
  37. The importance of handwriting and spelling by Julie P. via @TeacherToolkit
  38. 30 Things You Should Never Say in the Classroom by @TeacherToolkit
  39. What is the Point of Copying Lesson Objectives? by @rpd1972
  40. Would You Work Overseas to Avoid Teacher Stress? by @TeacherToolkit
  41. Are You A Resilient Teacher? by @TeacherToolkit 
  42. Don’t Drink and Teach by @TeacherToolkit
  43. Why We Must Protect Our Staff From Emails by @pkainsworth

    Time for teachers

  45. How would we teach without whiteboards and projectors?
  46. How to make an ICT lesson observation “outstanding”, using any device? R
  47. What’s in my pencil case?
  48. Do you remember when you first used a computer in the classroom?
  49. What would happen if we sat children outdoors to learn?
  50. The worst lesson I ever watched was…
  51. What if there was no such thing as a curriculum?
  52. Should we be allowed cups of tea in the classroom?
  53. If you re-trained in another subject today, what subject would it be and why?
  54. A flirtatious parent gives you their number.
  55. What’s the point of marking?
  56. Why I dread the end-of-term party? R
  57. My most inspiring colleague is…
  58. What I really think about #SLTchat.
  59. The darkest day in education.
  60. Should teachers have to complete a ‘break-duty’?
  61. Why dating a teacher at work is…
  62. School dinners. Are they really healthy?
  63. If you taught a 2nd subject, what would it be?
  64. What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever said at staff briefing?
  65. Will you be teaching to the retirement age, 68?
  66. From bed to classroom; How do you get to school?
  67. The day we advertised for my own job – Me & Mrs. McGill. Read my answer here.
  68. Why I refuse to run the 100m at Sports Day.
  69. Don’t snog another teacher in your own school!
  70. What goes on behind a Headteacher’s closed door?
  71. The day I first taught Sex Education!
  72. How elbow-pads and tweed suits came to be.
  73. The day I shouldn’t have gone to work! Read my answer here.
  74. After school revision. Prescribed or denied?
  75. Dear Mr. Gove, Why don’t you just…
  76. Dear Mr. Wilshaw, What makes a good teacher is…
  77. Dear Headteacher, What I’d really like you to do…
  78. When teaching is not for you…
  79. Why schools are still stuck in the 19th century…
  80. To EBacc or not to EBacc, that is the question.
  81. The last INSET I attended made me feel…
  82. #SLTeachMeet – discuss.
  83. #TMLondon – discuss.
  84. The worst day of my career was…
  85. The education system explained to an alien…
  86. If school started at 10am, I would…
  87. Evidence based practice in my experience is…
  88. My top-Twitter educational gurus are…
  89. The day I succumbed to wearing a tie at work…
  90. Why do kids leave school illiterate?
  91. The day our school came together…
  92. If blue-sky thinking was allowed, I would teach…
  93. A collection of the best one-liners students have ever said..

Consider writing one of the remaining Thunks?

Propose a new topic to me here

Photo Credit: SalFalko via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: SalFalko via Compfight cc

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