9 Revision Strategies


How can we teach study skills at an earlier age?

Using 9 research-informed strategies, I’ve shaped this resource to suit the rhythm of the academic calendar, with each idea introduced separately before building on from the previous concept. What I hope you are left with is a revision cycle of strategies to use on a monthly basis for the school year and from a young age…

This download includes a walk-through video, editable slides and an optional professional development webinar and CPD certificate.

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In my experience, revision techniques for students were often left to the latter years of school life rather than skills that were taught earlier on. Today, I firmly believe that equipping all teachers and students with a better understanding of how we learn (not just for exams) is a social responsibility.

What if schools explicitly taught students how to [choose one: remember, retrieve, practise, rehearse, regurgitate]? Use whatever term you want, in order to strengthen the synapses (connections) in our memory, we have to repeat to a point of automation so we can retrieve from long-term storage.


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