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My first book has now been published. Writing all 35,000+ words has been very hard work, as well as a full-time job; but a feat I would highly recommend to all those passionate about writing and blogging.

At times, I felt as though I was cracking up! You can read about my journey here …

Thank you to everyone who has already ordered a copy and for contacting me to say so. It is actually a very humbling experience. I now understand what it feels like, for anyone who is lucky enough to have their own work published.

A sample:

100 Ideas Book cover
100 Ideas Book cover – click to enlarge

A look inside:

Click this link to see an 8-page sample.

Behind the scenes:

What I won’t share with you; is how many book copies have gone to print. But, what I will tell you, is that Bloomsbury Publishing Ltd. are very excited! Apparently, the quantity of first-print runs for my book, are unheard of; something that provides a fascinating insight into the world of publications and engagement with your target-market. I would assume all authors would feel the same …

Photo Credit: nate steiner via Flickr cc
Photo Credit: nate steiner via Flickr cc

The impact:

What I am looking forward to the most, is watching the use of various hashtags, included throughout the book and how they will be used. It will have proven to be a worthwhile thought when writing this book, to see ‘if and how’ other teachers take on and share each idea; adapting them where needed, in online-discussions, forums and future collaborations.


For all of you asking, the most obvious question…

Cartoon by Malcolm Laverty
Cartoon by Malcolm Laverty

Well, there were quite a few ideas that were shelved; as well as some ideas (in hindsight) that I wish I did write for the book.

What didn’t make the cut?

An index of chapters that didn’t make it to print are listed below:

  • Outdoor Education.
  • Progress over time.
  • Ofsted only information.
  • Ideas for NQTs.
  • Ideas for senior teachers.
  • Plenaries.
  • Team-teaching.
  • Extra-curricular ideas.
  • The very first day.
  • End of term shebangs!


I now take a pause and take a deep breath, to eagerly hear and read the reactions from my professional learning network. I  await the reviews on Amazon and so forth. In the meantime, you can read all this pre-publication reviews from Phil Beadle; Heather Leatt and Kenny Frederick on this page.

Thank you for reading this far and if you have purchased a copy already, then I take a ‘bow to you’ …

Buy a copy:

If you are keen to buy a copy, you can do so from the publishers website; Bloomsbury (Education) Publishers and also from Amazon.

Click the images below.

An ePublication version for the Kindle and iPad will be out on 26th October 2013.

Buy 100 Ideas on Bloomsbury
Buy 100 Ideas on Bloomsbury (10% discount)
Buy 100 Ideas on Amazon
Buy 100 Ideas on Amazon

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