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The current resource count on this page is: 117 classroom and school resources!

You can also view 52 Teacher Toolkit resources on the TES Resources website; they have been viewed 1,250,059 times, and downloaded over 882,322 times. (circa. June 2017). Every resource is date-stamped to provide context for when the resource was created for its original use.

Teaching and Learning:

  1. Classroom Displays Resource (July 2017)
  2. 5 Resources for Every Teacher (February 2017)
  3. Take A Look at Books by @TeacherToolkit (2016)
  4. A Teaching and Learning Policy (2016)
  5. The 5 Minute Behaviour Fix by @TeacherToolkit (2014)
  6. To Grade or Not to Grade? by @TeacherToolkit (2014)
  7. The 5 Minute Marking Plan @TeacherToolkit @LeadingLearner (2013)
  8. The 5 Minute Lesson Plan by @TeacherToolkit (2008)
  9. The 5 Minute Lesson Plan – Portuguese
  10. The 5 Minute Lesson Plan – Afrikaans
  11. The 5 Minute Lesson Plan – Norwegian
  12. The 5 Minute Lesson Plan – French
  13. The 5 Minute Lesson Plan – Spanish
  14. The 5 Minute Lesson Plan – German @TeacherToolkit
  15. The 5 Minute Lesson Plan – Swedish @TeacherToolkit
  16. The 5 Minute Lesson Plan – Welsh @TeacherToolkit
  17. Meet Greet End and Send by @TeacherToolkit
  18. The 5 Minute Behaviour Plan @TeacherToolkit @LeadingLearner
  19. Saving teachers time: #PocketStrain and #BrainStrain by @TeacherToolkit
  20. #BeyondLessonObs gradings by @TeacherToolkit and @LeadingLearner
  21. #FormativeLessonObs by @TeacherToolkit and @LeadingLearner
  22. The 5 Minute Lesson Plan – Romanian


  1. #TakeAwayHmk template – Read more here (2011)
  2. Drama #TakeAwayHmk example by @LoueyM (2012)
  3. TakeAway Homework template: KS3 design novelty USB by @TeacherToolkit (2012)
  4. TakeAwayHmk Template by @TeacherToolkit (2012)


  1. The 5 Minute Assessment for Learning Plan by @TeacherToolkit and @PivotalPaul
  2. ‘Rapid Progress’ Class Activity for any classroom by @TeacherToolkit
  3. Targeted Questioning by @TeacherToolkit
  4. Pose Pause Pounce Bounce by @TeacherToolkit #PPPB
  5. The 5 Minute Marking Plan by @TeacherToolkit and @LeadingLearner
  6. Effective feedback: #Reciprocation by @TeacherToolkit
  7. The 5 Minute Achievement Plan by @TeacherToolkit and @LeadingLearner
  8. The 5 Minute Exam Review by @Laura_OLeary
  9. 10 Marking and Feedback Strategies 
  10. Book Sampling and Book Observations  (2016)


  1. Observation form Sep12 Ofsted by @TeacherToolkit (2012)
  2. Cover Lesson Template by @TeacherToolkit (2011)
  3. Informal Learning Walk template by @TeacherToolkit (2011)
  4. The 5 Minute Lesson Review by @TeacherToolkit and @Shaun_Allison


  1. The 5 Minute Interview Plan by @TeacherToolkit
  2. Teaching & Learning Newsletter by @TeacherToolkit
  3. The 5 Minute Ofsted Plan by @TeacherToolkit and @LeadingLearner
  4. The 5 Minute Inspector Calls Plan by @TeacherToolkit and @LeadingLearner
  5. The 5 Minute Results Analysis by @TeacherToolkit and @LeadingLearner
  6. The 5 Minute Change Plan by @TeacherToolkit and @ssgill76
  7. What would you do? #InTray exercise by @TeacherToolkit
  8. Typicality and Support by @TeacherToolkit
  9. The 5 Minute Achievement Plan by @TeacherToolkit and @LeadingLearner
  10. The 5 Minute Workload Plan by @TeacherToolkit and @LeadingLearner
  11. The 5 Minute Staff Briefing Plan by @TeacherToolkit and @LeadingLearner
  12. An Interview Into School Leadership
  13. Data Collection: CPD Exercise for Interviews (October 2016)


  1. Inspiring End of Term Assembly by @TeacherToolkit
  2. Family Assembly by @TeacherToolkit
  3. The 5 Minute Assembly Plan by @TeacherToolkit
  4. Revision Assembly by @TeacherToolkit
  5. Safer Internet Day Assembly by @TeacherToolkit
  6. The importance of reading by @TeacherToolkit
  7. We Are What We Do by @TeacherToolkit
  8. If Not Now, When? by @TeacherToolkit
  9. Developing Resilience (March 2015)
  10. Memories and Time: the Summer Slump (June 2016)
  11. Empowerment Assembly (January 2017)
  12. Grenfell Tower Assembly (June 2017)


  1. Good in Ten – Teaching & Learning CPD routes by @TeacherToolkit
  2. Good in Ten – Example Teacher CPD Action Plan
  3. Good in Ten programme for teaching staff – September 2013
  4. #TeachMeet Planning Guide by @TeacherToolkit
  5. Exit Interview proforma by @TeacherToolkit
  6. Open Classroom by @TeacherToolkit
  7. The 5 Minute CPD plan by @TeacherToolkit and @LeadingLearner.
  8. The 5 Minute Action Research Plan by @TeacherToolkit and @LeadingLearner
  9. The 5 Minute Staff Well Being Plan by @TeacherToolkit and @LeadingLearner
  10. Building a social-media profile to extend your CPD network: #Vamoose by @TeacherToolkit
  11. What is a Good Teacher? by @TeacherToolkit
  12. Power to the People – Something CPD – by @TeacherToolkit
  13. Brilliant Behaviour – Consolidating Behaviour – by @TeacherToolkit
  14. Thirty Words in 30 Seconds by @TeacherToolkit
  15. Speed-Dating CPD: Bring and Brag by @TeacherToolkit
  16. Power from the Floor by @TeacherToolkit
  17. The Vitruvian Teacher by @TeacherToolkit – a collection of 8 CPD resources.
  18. 5 Time-Saving Tips for Teachers by @TeacherToolkit
  19. The 5 Minute Workload Plan by @TeacherToolkit and @LeadingLearner
  20. What Works? Action Research by @QKynaston (June 2015)
  21. The 5 Minute TeachMeet Plan by @TeacherToolkit (August 2015)
  22. Cutting Through The Waffle (December 2015)
  23. Department Diagnostic Tool
  24. CPD Loyalty Card (February 2016)
  25. Lesson Planning CPD workshop.
  26. CPD Menu – differentiated professional development. (April 2016)
  27. Planning your own TeachMeet? Here is everything you need. (Apr 2016)
  28. 12 Steps to Reduce Workload. (Sep 2016)
  29. Marking Marketplace (Sep 2016)
  30. 7 Classroom Strategies for Every Teacher (June 2017)
  31. Redefining Our Version of Success (June 2017)


  1. Maslow Hierarchy of Needs (Educational version) according to @TeacherToolkit
  2. Can signs be used to improve teaching and learning?
  3. #CreativeTheory in pictures by @TeacherToolkit


  1. Protect Your School From Hackers (June 2017)
  2. 10 Social Media Secrets (January 2017)


  1. Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a champion.
  2. Stickability: Make Learning Stick.
  3. The Cuts of Teaching and Learning.
  4. The Workload Conversation.
  5. Carol Dweck: The Power of Not Yet.
  6. School Performance poster.
  7. Staff Well Being Poster.
  8. Learning Happens poster.
  9. Build A Teacher poster by @TeacherToolkit.
  10. PepTalks poster by @TeacherToolkit
  11. My Life Without Red Pen sketchnote image.
  12. Turn Off Emails (well being) poster.
  13. Never-ending To-Do List (well being) poster.
  14. Move and Mobilise Policy poster.
  15. Leadership is What You Are, Not What You Do poster.
  16. Exam Success and Definition poster.

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14 thoughts on “Resources for Teachers

  • 20th Aug 2014 at 6:13 pm

    Thank you for your continuing support. I’m looking forward to the new academic year which will be enhanced by your resources.

  • 24th Jan 2016 at 4:49 pm

    Your website is wonderful! Only came on it for some quick tips on assessment but 3 hours later up-knowledged on classcharts software, Sims , excessive emails, unhomework and some great video links on behaviour management! Looks like I’m set up for the rest of the term with new inspirations to play with.

  • 31st Jan 2017 at 9:19 pm

    I think your site is awesome. It seems to be helping tons of teachers. I built a coding platform for K-8 students and I would love to offer our tool to your users for free.

  • 17th Feb 2017 at 9:42 am

    Interesting Tweet by you last night on the apparent lack of playground training for teachers and play supervisors. Thing is, it isn’t true. This is because for the past 17 years a programme has been developed, tested in 76 primary schools and then independently verified by two universities before launching nationally in 2011.
    Now operating in more than 270 primary, infant and junior schools/academies across England, Scotland, Wales, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, the OPAL Outdoor Play and Learning programme (recommended in several recent All Party Parliamentary Group reports to the government) covers every aspect of playtime management, starting with an 18 point baseline audit and followed by inset and development training sessions for all staff involved in playtime provision.

    Why haven’t you heard about it? Because we grow slowly through word of mouth recommendation, from Headteacher to Headteacher, not through sales and marketing.

    For anyone interested, the OPAL programme covers everything, including school policy and practice, staff knowledge and skills, the safety/legal aspects (always a concern), good environment design and management, linking to the curriculum, communication with parents and, most importantly, how to run low-cost, affordable playtimes that will engage every single pupil, regardless of gender or age, for the full 20% of each school day that is allocated to playtimes.
    Behaviour both outside and also back in the classroom is utterly transformed, and the health, wellbeing and developmental benefits for all children are amazing.
    The only question is ‘why isn’t every school paying more attention to this essential aspect of school life?’

  • 14th Oct 2017 at 3:16 pm

    Hi Ross – I attended your Coaching workshop last Wednesday [11th] – did you say we could access your coaching journal please?

    • 15th Oct 2017 at 9:19 am

      Hi Ann, please reply to the email already sent with the resources and I’ll send a copy to view.

  • 20th Mar 2018 at 2:44 pm

    Please could you sign me up for new posts and updates
    Thanks in advance

    • 21st Mar 2018 at 6:32 pm

      Hi Claire; the very top right of the blog page there is a space to sign up to updates; a pop-up appears too, where this is for our weekly resources newsletter.

  • 5th Oct 2018 at 9:27 pm

    Hi, my 9 year old son has recently been diagnosed with SEMH, underlying problems being chronic anxiety and has autistic trates (autism not yet diagnosed) he is currently on a part-time timetable where i home tutor him for the most part of the day. Do you have any advice on how i can help my child at home?

    Thank You.

  • 30th Nov 2018 at 11:54 am

    Hi, Do you roughly have a time when the individual pdfs for the Oliver Caviglioli summary of your fabulous Mark, Plan, teach will be available? Many thanks

    • 1st Dec 2018 at 10:06 am

      Hi Jonathan, they have been sketched, but I just need to proofread all 30 chapters. I’m working hard to get a shopping basket activated (GDPR etc) so that people can create a TT login and download resources, videos and books (free and paid) straight into the email inbox. Longer term, people will be able to blog inside the website too. I suspect end of January for all of this.


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