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Here are a list of all the new hashtags that feature in my book, 100 Ideas: Outstanding Lessons. If you have a copy, then this short article will make total sense. Bookmark it now, as a place of reference.


challabing, verb.

Definition: ‘to collaborate on the creation of a chapter or idea.’ Yes, that means you!

Photo Credit: origamidon via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: origamidon via Compfight cc

The hastags on offer:

For those that have purchased 100 Ideas, this table will serve as a useful summary, to read and use when sharing content and thoughts from various hashtags within the book. Use the table below as a reference tool when tweeting photos and resources for each idea.

For example, two weeks after publication, there have already been resources created by 2 or 3 teachers for Idea 56: TakeAwayHmk. These resources have already been tweeted; shared online with a photo and reincarnated. Take a look here.

If you find something you like, click on the hashtag to go live to read what everybody is talking about..

Idea chapter:Title:Hashtag:Context:Further reading:
5Monday morning mantra#100MMMMonday Morning Mantra. Evolving hashtag
7Corridor chaos#CorridorChaosKeeping bad aura out the classroom.
8Get spiked!#GetSpikedCreating a learning buzz.
9The 5 Minute Lesson Plan#5MinPlanDo I need to say anymore?http://bit.ly/5MinPlan
10Smarter marking#SmartAssSaving time when marking…
11Literateness#LiteratenessTeaching literacy (keywords).
12Numeral Notions#YouDoTheMathsTeaching numeracy.
13Don’t forget the gherkin#GherkinThat inspired moment.
15Don’t drink and teach#TeaTeachingWhat if you were being observed?Established hashtag
16The 7ePlan#7ePlanStages of learning to aid lesson planning.http://bit.ly/More7ePlan
20The 5 Minute Marking Plan#5MinMarkingPlanSpeed up your marking!http://bit.ly/More5MinMarkingPlan
21Covert press-ganging#CovertFeedbackUndercover feedback.Evolving hashtag
22Assertive acolytes#AcolytesPositive routines.Established hashtag
23Dangerous taxation#CashForGradesTax levy in return for grades and good behaviour.Established hashtag
24#Bananas#BananasMarking to inform lesson planning.Established hashtag
25Bloom’s Post-it#PostItBlooms taxonomy using Post-it notes.Established hashtag
26SOLO#SOLOSOLO taxonomy explained.Established hashtag
28The 5 Minute Marking Plan (part 2)#5MinMarkingPlanTwo-way feedback.http://bit.ly/More5MinMarkingPlan
32Beyond AfL#BAfLPeer instrcution; JiTT and questioning.
34Pitch perfect#PitchPerfectPerfectly-pitched lesson planning.Established hashtag
35What? Me!#WhatMeHigh expectations.Established hashtag
37Incite#InciteFostering relationships in the classroom.Established hashtag
39So, what if?#WhatIfTeacherAllow students to lead their learning.
40Sweat the small stuff#SsSConsistency. Established hashtag
43Padlocked#PadlockedZero tolerance. Established hashtag
46Teaching behaviour: the ‘what’#BehaveOne size does not fit all. Established hashtag
47Managing behaviour: the ‘why’#BehavePlan thoughtfully and share your reasons. Established hashtag
48Modelling behaviour: the ‘how’#BehavePractice what you preach Established hashtag
49Supporting behaviour: the ‘what if’#BehaveStrategies and actions. Established hashtag
50Fix that tie!#TieFixAccentuate the positive.
51Every lesson, every day#OOHsOne-off homeworks.Established hashtag
52My greatest mistake#MistakesMistakes are welcome: re-drafting.Established hashtag
55Spit it out! What? Why? How?#WWHStudent reflection and feedback.Established hashtag
56Takeaway homework#TakeAwayHmkOn the spot homework allocation.Evolving hashtag
59The jury is out#OrderHomework postcodes.
61Show off#ShowOffOutstanding criteria guidance
63Pose pause pounce bounce#PPPBAfL questioning techniqueRead more here.
65Robotic talk#RoboQsEmbrace your inner robot!
66Reducing teacher talk#TeacherTalkStrategies for reducing talk in the classroom.Read more here.
69The ripple effect#PebbleDropPositive ethos outside the classroom.
72Triangulation#TriangulationInformed judgements.Established hashtag
73Transfixed#TransfixedCapturing imagination.Established hashtag
74Open classroom#OpenClassroomOpen your door to the world!Resource here.
75Building blocks#BuildingBlocksMeaningful feedback and marking.Established hashtag
77Improving learning, not proving progress#20MinObsProgress over time. What is it?Evolving hashtag
78Student Meet#StudentMeetA TeachMeet for students in your classroom.Established hashtag
79Pedagogically speaking#PiagetConstructivisim – exisiting knowledge.Established hashtag
80Breathe#BreathePit-stop meditation.Established hashtag
81Hit and hope#HaHThinking on your feet!Established hashtag
82Desultory days#RandomRisksGo with the flow – natural progress.Evolving hashtag
83Visualise!#VisualiseMake memories stick!Established hashtag
85Phew!#PhewTeacher exhasution strategies.Established hashtag
86The 5 Minute Lesson Evaluation#5MinEvalReview and reflect on lesson planning.Read more here.
87Stickability#StickabilityMake learning stick!Read more here. Evolving hashtag
88Shush – the deadly sin#ShushTackling low-level behaviour.Established hashtag
91KISS#KISSKeep It Simple and Stupid.Established hashtag
94NO EXCUSES!#NoExcusesA useful motto for Outstanding.Established hashtag
95Shut Up!#ShutUpInappropriate language.Established hashtag
97Test your strength#StrongTeacherAre you hard enough?Evolving hashtag 
98Bums on seats#BummerSeating plans.Established hashtag
99Blender#BlenderLearning through various key methods.Established hashtag
100Twitter for the classroom GetMeStarted#GetMeStartedA guide to setting up a classroom account.Established hashtag


challabing, verb.

Pronunciation: /t∫æ’læbɪŋ/
Etymology: chapter + collaborations
Definition: to collaborate on the creation of a chapter or idea.

The pronunciation is using IPA, the International Phonetic Alphabet and with the help of my editors, we have used the characters from the IPA online.

I have worked out the word-pronunciation to be: /t∫æ’læbɪŋ

  • t∫ is the ‘ch’ sound in chapter
  • æ is the ‘a’ sound in cat
  • l is the ‘l’ sound in lima
  • b is the ‘b’ sound in bus
  • ɪ is the ‘i’ sound in interest
  • ŋ is the ‘ng’ sound at the end of sing

Click the book to buy a copy:

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Click here to buy 100 Ideas

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