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This is my 14th edition of Education Panorama. In total, my newsletters have shared more than 700 educational blogposts from across the world! Here is a summary of what’s been going on in the education sector during the past month …

. Education Panorama If you are new to my monthly newsletter, you can expect to find the following:

  • Education: all the links to my @TeacherToolkit articles I have shared over the past 30 days,
  • Panorama: plus the blogs that have caught @TeacherToolkit‘s eye online, plus any interesting events in the real world of education.

In The Educational Panorama June 2015 edition – this monthly newsletter aims to capture a summary of everything from the online edu-sphere of bloggers and tweeters across the UK and afar. In my May 2015 newsletter I shared over 40 blogs on teaching and learning which 9,000+ of you read!

This month, I share 38 of my own blogs, one of the busiest months yet with over 200,000 view collectively throughout May 2015, and still see myself wondering how on earth I do all this alongside teaching, writing and my family. There are numerous blogs about #TwitteratiChallenge! which have continued to circulate on Twitter across the UK and USA last month!

During the summer term, I have several speaking engagements, including an invitation to speak at The Digital Education Show and Goldsmiths College, in July 2015 … This June edition features articles on a range of topics from bloggers old and new. It’s all here! By the time I write my next Education Panorama, we’ll be into last month of the academic year and dreaming about the allure of our summer holidays. Until then, enjoy the final term (if you are reading in the UK) and take time out to rest, spend time with friends, and hose down the BBQ.


This month features the highest quantity of blogs I have ever written in 30 days;

  1. My Education Panorama (May ’15) newsletter gathering in over 9,000 readers.
  2. #Teacher5ADay – a blog about wellbeing.
  3. 10 Great Form Tutor Tips – a very popular read!
  4. The Observational Scalpel – an empowering and thought-provoking blog on observations.
  5. #SeatingPlans: Vital For Learning – a feature in every teacher’s toolkit.
  6. #CovertFeedback – assessment without students even knowing it.
  7. 9 Questions for OfSTED’s @HarfordSean – my one-to-one meeting with National Director for Schools, Sean Harford.
  8. Are You A Resilient Teacher?  – a very popular read!
  9. Stay Away Michael Gove – my views on Gove before the general election results.
  10. A Good Going-Over! – test, test and more testing …
  11. Going for Gold! – a blog about Investor in People assessment.
  12. Sweat the Small Stuff! – a blog about managing behaviour.
  13. Don’t Drink and Teach! – a blog about teaching and drinking in class!
  14. Pedagogically Speaking on #Piaget – a blog about pedagogy.
  15. The Life of a Deputy Headteacher – a blog about what I have been up to at work.
  16. White Noise – my favourite blog of the month – a blog about shouting at students, every lesson; every day!
  17. Revision and Examinations – a blog about supporting students with revision.
  18. How to Stay Social Media Streetwise by @DigitalSisters – a blog about staying savvy.
  19. The Teacher Swagger – a blog about personalities in school.
  20. #Shush: The Deadly Sin – a blog about what you say in class and how you say it.
  21. Shadowing Leadership for CPD – a blog about developing middle leaders.
  22. @JamieOliver Says My Lessons Are Rubbish – a blog about celebrities supporting grassroots education (or not)!
  23. #PepTalks – a blog about keeping students motivated every day; using small conversations.
  24. Welcome To Your New School – a blog about welcoming new staff to your school.
  25. Developing Resilience and Wellbeing – a blog about keeping strong at work.
  26. Identifying and Developing Leadership Talent – a blog about developing senior leaders in your school.
  27. A Blogger’s Experiment – a blog about blogging and why I’ve gone on a blogging frenzy!
  28. Memoirs of a Teacher: Part 1 – a blog about my NQT diaries from 1996.
  29. Memoirs of a Teacher: Part 2 – a blog about my NQT diaries from 1996.
  30. A Better Workload for Teachers – – a blog about the Workload Challenge (re-visited) from February 2015.
  31. Memoirs of a Teacher: Part 3 – a blog about my NQT diaries from 1996.
  32. Would You Lead a Requires Improvement School? – – a blog provoked by Ofsted.
  33. #TeachingTruths – a blog about what teachers would really like to say in schools.
  34. Zero-Contract Hours and Supply Teaching – a blog about the frightening truths about supply teachers and their working conditions.
  35. Just Bananas! – a blog about marking and assessment.
  36. The Life of a Deputy Headteacher: Part 2 – a blog about my life as a deputy headteacher.
  37. Introducing my NEW BOOK: Introducing Te@cher Toolkit – I’m delighted my 2nd books is finished!
  38. And finally, a blog about 10 Things I Wish I Knew About Teaching 10 Years Ago.

Here are some photos from me, shared over the past month;

 Images: @TeacherToolkit photographs from May 2015


Here are the blogs I’ve noticed over the past 30 days. I always say, it’s difficult to keep up with so many wonderful blogs as more teachers blog online. I’ve read as much as I can to represent the blogs that have ‘pricked the ears’ of all those who talk about all-things-education.

Teaching and Learning:

  1. “How do we model answers without crushing creativity?” Modelling for Excellence by @RGS_Learning
  2. The role of storytelling in the classroom by @atharby
  3. “When I was running a school that was in special measures because the quality of teaching (and some other stuff) was so poor, it was important to have particular expectations of the way people planned and what they put into their plans.” The Lesson Plan by Education Monkey.
  4. My door’s open, come on in. Open Classrooms by
  5. Ideas for Teaching Better. All In One Place by @headguruteacher.


  1. The details of Progress 8: Looks like Data Garbage to me, by @headguruteacher.
  2. The Goldilocks Approach to Feedback and Marking by @LearnLead2gethe.
  3. “Now, more than ever, teachers need to work together.” Life After Levels by @ThoseThatCan
  4. “There’s nothing like being a parent watching your child go through exams to make you realise what a completely insane system it is.” GCSE Mania by @DebraKidd
  5. “This will be a minifesto, in which I will outline my key thoughts about primary teaching in a really condensed, misleading, facetious, probably untrue and flippant way.” A Primary Teacher Minifesto by @jonnywalker_edu 

CPD / Wellbeing:

  1. “Three years ago I walked away from a school I loved because it was that or quit teaching forever.” The Long Lasting Bully by @chocotzar
  2. “What I learnt from building a tower out of newspaper…” by

Leadership / OfSTED / DfE / Politics:

  1. This blog, 24 Hours to Save Schools is about “the next five years and the challenge facing schools,” by @LeadingLearner.
  2. 5 More Years by @TristramShepard
  3. “Work with us and, for sure, we’ll work with you” Dear Nicky, … An Open Letter by @headguruteacher.
  4. “When I signed up to blog for Labour Teachers, I did so with a sense of cautious optimism that I’d be writing my first post under a Labour-led government.” A Proposition: Reposition the Supposition of Opposition, by @kevbartle.
  5. “Being an inspector, I would like to think that all inspections are highly accurate and fair.” No more Ofsted… or just no more politics? by @scrtinspector

Recruitment and Research:

  1. “Rugby Players into schools to build backbone into pupils who are misbehaving and disaffected.” Character Ruck by @surrealanarchy.
  2. “A massive increase in kids would tend to suggest that there will be a need for a correlated increase in the number of teachers.” A Perfect Storm by @mikercameron.

Twitter / Blogging:

  1. I started the Twitterati Challenge last month. @Sue_Cowley has kindly collated a number of blogs. This will only keep ticking over …
  2. Required for Sept: Awesome DT Teacher – an alternative means for job-adverts, by @RachelSwinburne.
  3. “There have been many arguments, articles and theories as to what the point of school is.” What’s the Point of School? by @DavidMcQueen

Top Blog of the Month:

I’ve selected one blog for the June 2015 edition.

Favourite educational blogs
Favourite educational blogs

. A compelling blog by headteacher @VicGoddard which has been shared globally;

“… My job as headteacher is to shield my community from these worries.” Read, A Letter to the Secretary of State.

Nicky Morgan DfE Gove

  Image: BBC


On 4th June 2015, @VicGoddard posted this tweet;

Vig Goddard Nicky Morgan“Well we had a latte! Thanks for visiting and listening . Collaboration at all levels is the only future.

We are almost at the end of the examination season and teachers will be planning ahead for September 2015 … Keep calm everyone!

And if you haven’t noticed, I have a NEW book out soon.


@TeacherToolkit logo new book Vitruvian man


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