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On Monday 2nd December, I attended the first ever PiXL (Partners in Excellence club) National Conference 2013 at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference centre in Westminster, London. I was invited to present.


PiXL view


The context of my presentation, was to share our school journey, elaborate on the fusion between blogging, social media and school leadership. My particular pitch, looked at promoting the benefits and impact of online collaborations and how they can shift leadership and impact on whole-school teaching and learning methodology.

I would like to credit colleagues at my school, as well as @LeadingLearner; @KevBartle and @alatalite for the various content and approaches I made reference to in the actual presentation.

PiXL programme:

I was presenting in zone 8 (14 in total), which was called the Leadership Inspiration Zone. This is very flattering indeed!

CaptureZone 8:

This zone promised to bring a wide range of ideas to stimulate discussion and debate. Zone leaders Rebecca Clark and Paul Hammond bring together speakers from across a wide range of settings. Speakers ranged from education of course, but also from a business, sport, charity and a military perspective. Delegates heard inputs from a Raising Standards Leader, a successful headteacher and several national policy makers.

You can see a snapshot of the program below and download a full copy of the PiXL programme.

PiXL programme
PiXL programme

The programme in full detail, is here – PiXL programme.

PiXL - Zone 8
PiXL – Zone 8

My presentation:

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Download here:

Below, you will find a static Slideshare presentation for viewing. However, this content is limited by the website, so I would suggest to you that you download the actual presentation, PiXL National Conference 2013 – by @TeacherToolkit so that it is interactive.

Sneak preview here:

Please note, this version will NOT be interactive. Click on the above link to download the interactive slideshow.

Photos and Feedback:

Well, firstly, what a great venue! Congratulations PiXL. Secondly, my number one #TeachingAsset; my voice managed to hold together. I’d personally like to thank my colleagues who have all been part of this journey. It was a real tribute to our hard work, sharing this at PiXL and I proudly share this online here. This is not a one-man show!

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Finally, I have managed to capture photographs and feedback from Twitter above for you to view. If you did attend my presentation; then thank you for doing so. If anything, I hope it provided you with some whole-school teaching and learning context in terms of leadership approaches; as well as affirmation of what you may or may not already be doing. Do remember, this is our journey! You know ‘your’ students better than anyone else.

Contact me:

If you’d like more information, please get in touch here. If you would like to visit me at my school, then I am happy to facilitate this too.

If you ‘d like me (or some of our team) to deliver training for you, please get in touch here.

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