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  1. We are a 5-person, part-time team working remotely with no capacity to process Purchase Orders (yet).
  2. We aim to reply to all inquiries within 48 hours during GMT working hours.
  3. Most website queries can be resolved using the FAQs information below or via our 'Chatbot'.
  4. We receive 10,000+ daily website visitors and need a small period of time to respond to your message.
  5. Our phone number is in the footer of the website. At present, this does not have a callback or a voicemail feature, but we are working on it. If you would like to leave a voice message, please 'record a voicemail.'

Resources and Subscriptions

Use this email for all resource download questions, login issues and website subscriptions. We will endeavour to reply within 48 hours. Read our copyright guidance if you are Seeking Permission to use our materials for your own use, or organisation distribution, book reference or website.

Teacher Training, Keynotes and Conferences

Get in touch for all keynote, teacher training and conference event queries and/or bookings. Visit the teacher training page to discover more about Ross Morrison McGill and what people say about his work.

Academic and Publishing

For academics and organisations who wish to get in touch with Ross M. McGill about education research, interviews or publishing work, get in touch using a business email address and contact him using his Cambridge University email address: rmm84[domain]. All blog requests and PR emails will be ignored.

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