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  1. We are a 5-person, part-time team, working remotely.
  2. We aim to reply to all inquiries within 48 hours during GMT working hours.
  3. Most website queries can be resolved using the FAQs information below or via our 'Chatbot'.
  4. We receive 10,000+ daily website visitors and need a small period of time to respond to your message.
  5. Our phone number is in the footer of the website. At present, this does not have a callback or a voicemail feature, but we are working on it. If you would like to leave a voice message, please 'record a voicemail.'

Resources and Subscriptions

Use this email for all resource download questions, login issues and website subscriptions. We will endeavour to reply within 48 hours. Read our copyright guidance if you are Seeking Permission to use our materials for your own use, or organisation distribution, book reference or website.

Teacher Training, Keynotes and Conferences

Get in touch for all keynote, teacher training and conference event queries and/or bookings. Visit the teacher training page to discover more about Ross Morrison McGill and what people say about his work.

Academic and Publishing

For academics and organisations who wish to get in touch with Ross M. McGill about education research, interviews or publishing work, get in touch using a business email address and contact him using his Cambridge University email address: rmm84[domain]. All blog requests and PR emails will be ignored.

Frequently Asked Website Questions

Reset your password via and then enter your email address. You’ll then receive an email (check your spam box) with a unique link to reset your password. Please ensure you use a unique password.

After purchase visit, login and then click ‘Downloads’ tab. You will see the files available to download to your computer.

If you're looking to download your monthly The Toolkit resource, watch the following video to see how to get access to the latest file.

Try clearing cache and cookies in your browser. Make sure that your browser is running the latest, compatible version as some older browser versions are insecure. Also try resetting your browser settings to default. Also attempt removal of unwanted software, viruses and malware from your computer as these could interfere.

You can click on the ‘unsubscribe’ link found at the bottom of each email. If this can't be found then you can visit this link to unsubscribe.

Loyalty points are earned from either placing an order of monetary value with 10 points earned every whole £1 spent, plus an additional 10 points for each individual order. You can also earn loyalty points by leaving a review for a product which you have already purchased. Once your order has been processed and is ‘completed’ then the points will automatically be awarded. Please note that loyalty points have no cash value and this loyalty points scheme may be withdrawn at any time. If we suspect any abuse of the loyalty points scheme we reserve the right to remove points from customers and/or change the monetary value of each loyalty point at any time. Loyalty points cannot be transferred or sold.

To use your loyalty points you’ve earned on the website, you can select an amount of points to use as a discount on your purchases. Each point is worth £0.01 and have no cash value. Therefore, if you’d like to use 100 points on your order you’ll receive £1.00 discount. Points will need to be redeemed in the cart before checkout. You can do this underneath your order in the ‘Loyalty points discount’ section. Simply choose the amount of points to use and then ‘apply’ them. Your cart will then automatically update and you should be able to see the reward in the cart totals. You can now progress to the checkout to complete your order. You can also check your current loyalty points total in your account dashboard.

You can choose to use your credit/debit card directly using either Visa, Mastercard or American Express to purchase from our website. We also accept Direct Debit as a payment method too.

Watch the following video explaining how you can change your recurring subscription payment method.

Yes, simply login with your account details and visit to update your name and email address.

Every time you make a purchase on you should receive an email receipt to your registered email address. If you’ve not received it yet, please allow up to 4 hours and also check your spam box as some automated email services are quite strict. If you still haven’t received it after this time, please check your account information so that it holds your correct email address.

You can assign accounts for your teachers in one of 2 ways. Firstly, visit the ‘My Account > School > Add member’ page which will present you with two options; copy a unique registration URL and email it to the teachers to create their own account details; or add a teacher manually by entering their email address and set their role as ‘member’ - they will then be emailed instructions to complete their account. Once the teacher has set-up and confirmed their account on the website, they will then be able to login and access the member resources. You can see a list of active teachers assigned to your licences on the ‘My Account > School > Members’ page in your account area once you’ve logged in.

Yes, you can gift a membership subscription in the cart by ticking the ‘This is a gift’ check-box. Then enter the recipient’s email and complete the checkout. They’ll receive an email confirming they now have membership for the website and can complete their account set-up to access the membership. You will still be billed each month.

Website Troubleshooting

Before contacting @TeacherToolkit, please try answering the following questions to self-diagnose any issues.

Using the most recent, updated operating system can help avoid technical issues.

Certain older browsers can have security issues or conflicts which affect your website experience. Ensuring your browser is up-to-date can also help eliminate issues.

Try clearing cache and cookies in your browser. Doing this can resolve conflicts experienced with the website, showing you the latest version. Otherwise your browser could be showing an older version of the website which it’s stored for convenience.

You may notice error messages when checking out if you’ve forgotten to complete all fields, your card has expired or you’ve not completed the Captcha box correctly.

Sometimes this can resolve permission issues if your session has expired.

Some functionality on the website may require cookies to be accepted in your browser.

This can help in certain circumstances. You’ll need to login and accept cookies again.

We’d recommend temporarily disabling it to see if this could be the cause.

Harmful malware could be affecting your browsing experience and tracking you. Try to attempt removing unwanted software, viruses and malware from your computer.

This could help you determine whether your device may be causing the issue.

Still experiencing issues?

If you’re still having issues after going through these points, please supply your answers to the questions above, along with URLs and screenshots displaying any errors experienced to help diagnose your issue.