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#TMLondon Quintin Kynaston 1st April 2015


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On Wednesday 1st April, 240 teachers came together in their own time to take control of their professional development. The event trended on Twitter, across the UK for no-less than 4, full hours! Click here to see.


  1. Do teachers give up their own free time after school? = True.
  2. Do teachers give up their holidays? = True.
  3. Did 245 teachers gather in North London to discuss classroom practice? = True.
  4. Do teachers want to control their own CPD? = True.
  5. Did this teacher-led conference trend on Twitter across the UK? = True.

This is a blog about @TeachMeetLondon. Even as I write, two days later the hashtag TMLondon is still full of content; professional development organised and led by teachers in their own time. I have aimed to let the photographs and the videos do the talking and will offer some context where needed. In January 2015 the first conversations started, but in my mind the plans for TMLondon evolved long before I was appointed as deputy headteacher as Quintin Kynaston.

There was a great deal of preparation and planning for this teachmeet, despite the first conversation only taking place 3 months ago, e managed to pull off one the greatest teacher-led CPD events, ever! This would not have been possible, without the prowess of @SuperAsmy, @TinaTinaWard, @lucian121 and @i_atkinson; as well as the IT Support and Premises team at school. This all became evident on the day when all staff switched into gear.

TMLondon Quintin Kynaston

There is so much to capture, it is best to watch the videos. My Facebook album is here and some great images here by @ICTMagic.

1st April 2015:

On the day itself, despite it being April-Fools, it was a lovely morning. I was anxious that over half of the teaching population was already on their holidays. However, my fears were soon quashed! Over 240 people attended.

#TMLondon Quintin Kynaston 1st April 2015


Of course, much of the background setup would not be possible without the help of 5 co-hosts:

  1. @ASTsupportAAli – his blog:
  2. @DiLeed – No blog yet …
  3. @ICTEvangelist – his blog:
  4. @ICTmagic – his blog:
  5. @iTTeachRE – his blog: MrLewisRE


@RichardGerver has been described as one of the most inspirational leaders of his generation. He argues that great leadership is about serving the needs of the people that work for you and rely upon you. The three core principles that underpin Richard’s philosophy are communication, empowerment and impact. His keynote speech at TMLondon was inspiring. You can watch this below in the footage section (1st half). Visit


I had to grab a selfie with @RichardGerver and get my own book signed.


1st half:

#TMLondon Quintin Kynaston 1st April 2015Click to play

2nd half:

#TMLondon Quintin Kynaston 1st April 2015Click to play

Here is the email I sent to my staff on the day after TMLondon;

“Colleagues, I am so proud of you all for stepping up to present on behalf of the school; and to each of you for preparing for the TeachMeet before/during and after. It was truly a QK team effort and a great conference. The school looked fabulous – thanks to all(!) – and the UK noticed online! If you didn’t know – and I will keep saying it – we trended across the UK on Twitter for 4 solid hours which is an incredible feat … Here is the footage and to April 2016!”


 #TMLondon Quintin Kynaston 1st April 2015


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