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I am absolutely flabbergasted by the response of my book, 100 Ideas: Outstanding Lessons. I am inundated with tweets and really cannot say thank you enough! To answer your questions, I have provided a collection of 100 Ideas book tweets for reference, review and example practice…

I am delighted to see the book working well, using all the chapter-references to Twitter. This has allowed unique hashtags to develop and has provided opportunities for teachers to share their ideas and resources, from their own classrooms, online.

I have provided an example tweets of classroom impact; general recommendations; photos and queries for Primary teachers who have asked how transferable the book content is. Each image is live, so you can click directly on the photo to retweet or reply to the original teacher. I hope you find it useful.

Current book reviews are here.

Classroom impact:

Primary teachers:


General recommendations:








What else?

If you ever have the chance to write a book, do it!

To purchase 100 Ideas: Outstanding Lessons, click here.

100 Ideas Book cover
100 Ideas Book cover

Sneak Preview?

Click here to look inside and here to see images shared on Twitter.

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