What Has Happened To The Teacher Workload Groups?

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One year on from the Workload Challenge Report, from the 6 promises offered by Nicky Morgan and the DfE, what workload challenges have not yet been met?

We must challenge policy and mobilise ourselves.

Few teachers answered the series of questions in the DfE’s workload challenge on “unnecessary and unproductive tasks”. But apathy is no excuse for the government putting the challenge on the back-burner — which will probably mean another wasted year until anything is done. Why are we still waiting?

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The 43,855 responses to the Department for Education’s workload challenge — from 20,394 teachers — first launched a year ago have manifested into tumbleweed and are grinding to a stutter. The government’s response and analysis to the survey was published in February 2015.

The education secretary … announced the creation of three new working groups, including teachers, from September to help schools combat the profession’s long hours.

Apparently, “members of the groups will be announced in [this month]”. Well, the last time I checked my diary, we are into September 2015 and we are still none the wiser!

I still have not received the call to offer my views and while our heads are down, back into the thick of it (Ofsted preparation; curriculum reform and the analysis of further — and baffling — grade boundary nonsense) the DfE has forgotten about all of us and have placed the workload challenge on the back-burner.


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