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More and more reviews from teachers who have purchased 100 Ideas: Outstanding Lessons.

I promise this to be the last thing I write about the darn book and understand, yet another blogpost, may cause angst. This is not my intention dear reader. This post is simply to fuel those who are undecided on purchasing 100 Ideas: Outstanding Lessons and to offer examples to those who have, sharing what content I’ve been receiving. (Later this week, I’ll be sharing a few posts on CPD and Teaching and Learning. Back to business as usual!)



Now, I appreciate, that the over-repetitive messages about my first book, will be infuriating for many (if not all) of my online followers. I totally understand this, so please note; I am conscientious of what I am sharing, but I make no apologies for it …



  • I am living proof; that anyone who blogs regularly on teaching; with honestly and reflection, can perhaps journey down the road I have travelled. Possibly write a book too. The rise of the teacher-blogger is evidence indeed, that anything is possible once you put a pen to paper and start sharing with your peers.
  • I am proud of what I have achieved and will bask in its praise for as long as possible.
  • Nothing lasts forever and the online reviews will speak for itself. I am happy to die by the sword.
  • It can be quite daring to put something out in front of your peers.
  • This book consumed my life, for five (5) solid months. I sacrificed time with my family, in order to go into work at the weekend to find a space to write. This was my choice. There is no martyrdom intended here. I just want to emphasis, no matter what content is held within a book, it is bloody hard work(!) and that anyone who does manage to publish anything, deserves a pat on the back. I’m referring to other teacher-bloggers here.
  • I am now reaping the rewards, having time away from writing and observing the impact in classrooms across the country. Thank you for sharing your photos.
  • and finally he says (brushing that chip off his shoulder), I achieved a GCSE grade D in English Language and a grade C in English Literature. Grades do not define you; determination does! You can publish a book and if this is something you want to do, start it today…

It is my aim, that those who are engaging with 100 Ideas – or, who are still unsure about the content – can use these regular updates to crowd-source opinion and evidence. Just click on any of the tweets below to interact with that person.

Click here to read about all the chapter hashtags in the book and here to read other reviews.

Video courtesy of Learn 4 Life:


Everyone at @BelmontTeach cannot wait to grab a copy! Now out on Kindle (26th October 2013), click here.

“Relax, there’s enough copies for you all!”

General recommendations:

Classroom impact:


Resource Ideas:

Kindle version:

and now available on Amazon Kindle. Click on the image below to purchase.

100 Ideas on Kindle
100 Ideas on Kindle

The journey:

You can read about my book journey here and the reviews at the bottom of this page.

Take a look inside:

Click here to preview some of the content and here to see images on Twitter.

Thanks for reading; purchasing and sharing your thoughts. The next book is being discussed this week!

Have a lovely half-term.

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