Building the Bridge Between Research and Classroom Practice

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How do you think we can build the bridge between academic research and classroom practice? And is it possible for theory to enter the lives of busy classroom teachers in a practical sense?

Bridging the Gap:

Teachers and senior teachers are doing it for themselves … and so are academics. But are we bridging the gap together?

This TeachMeet is a FREE event and it is still not too late to attend alongside the full BELMAS programme here. You can simply turn up and watch the presentations, or get involved with the online discussion on Twitter using the #SLTeachMeet hashtag. You can also read what happened at #SLTeachMeet here: 2012 and 2013 and 2014.

Grab a free ticket here.



On Saturday 11th July, alongside Headteacher @VicGoddard; English teacher and academic @cazzwebbo and Director for School Partnerships and the Institute of Education, @LCLL_Director, together we have organised #SLTeachMeet at #BELMAS2015.

Three hundred (300) educators, united by a common interest in how research and evidence can inform and enhance practice, will gather at the annual BELMAS Conference. For the past three years, @SLTeachMeet have been tasked with the challenge of bridging the ‘gap between academic research and classroom practice’, using  TeachMeets as a CPD model during the conference. Yet, what we have discovered, is that although @SLTeachMeet aims to bring best practice, we fear the gap is still a bridge too far between academic and classroom practice. However, do not fear, there is some consolation. We are doing our best to bridge this gap with the help of @BELMASConf hosting such an event. We do believe the gap (is/has) been bridged, but we have much to do! Why not come along and support our efforts?

  • The TeachMeet will take place on Saturday 11th July at Wokefield Park and is completely free to attend.
  • The SLTeachMeet ticket page is here.
  • Presenter topics and hosts are listed here.
  • The BELMAS Conference page is here.
  • Directions here: Wokefield Park, Reading, Berkshire. RG7 3AE

Reading BELMAS


In terms of planning the TeachMeet, a simple logistical tweak would ensure we could bridge the gap between academic research and classroom practice; but we must remain conscientious of three key points:

  1. It is vital we [teachers] do not exclude academics from wanting to be part of this collective goal.
  2. Curate any SLTeachMeet (or TeachMeet) alongside a conference, such as the BELMAS annual conference and ensure that academics attend and are not distracted or alienated by alternative CPD.
  3. Maintain clarity and make ‘research’ fit for purpose, knowing that much is lost in translation between academic journals and classroom day-to-day pedagogy. Let’s bridge the gap!

@SLTeachMeet Vision:

To make attending #SLTeachMeet a valid and beneficial form of recognised CPD, we want #SLTeachMeet to evolve continuously and adapt to meet the needs of all attendees and place the value of CPD into the teachers’ professionalism, creating an atmosphere where it is ‘okay to fail’, share and encourage reflective practice, giving time and space to innovate.

@SLTeachMeet is non-political and provides a platform to expose innovation, using strong and reflective leadership by communicating this effectively through collaboration. @SLTeachMeet aspires to share good practice to improve best practice for the benefit of students and staff, providing high-class, free and where possible regional, learning events for Senior Leadership Team-members (and those aspiring to join SLT), whatever their starting point.

Photos / Presentations:

I will share photographs and presentations here after the event …

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