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Benefit from insights in video-narrated ideas by Ross McGill, one of the ‘500 Most Influential People in Britain’. Membership is invaluable for teachers who want to keep up to date with issues happening at a national and international level.

Plus discounts on all other resources!

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You will benefit from high-quality pragmatic ideas, researched-informed advice, plus copyright access and editable files for you to adapt. Oh, and did we mention that the rest of the world won't gain access to membership resources for 12 months!

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Hayley Jane Bourne

Thank you Ross @TeacherToolkit for the many, many excellent resources. What a bargain!

Hayley Jane Bourne, Head of Faculty: Languages

Navjot Kaur

I am super glad to be a member – it is the only thing that I actually read and has cost me the least when judged against other memberships - value for money!

Navjot Kaur, Head of Section (Upper Sixth)

Frequently Asked Membership Questions

When do the exclusive member teaching resources go live

At the beginning of each month, Ross will upload the latest exclusive member resource to download. You will be able to download the resource until the next month, so don't miss out.

No, you'll always have access to the resources you've purchased. Once you've gone through the checkout after adding the member resource to your basket and completed the transaction (it will show as being free each month if you keep your membership) you'll find the resource in your account to download. There may be times when resources become outdated and we need to clear them from the site. Before doing so @TeacherToolkit will provide 30 days notice via email before these resources are removed from the site to give you the opportunity of saving it to your computer.

If you've not been able to download a member resource that month and it's been replaced with a new one, unfortunately you've missed out. We want our members to be active on the site, encouraging them to come back and use the website for its resources and teaching ideas, hence why the price is so affordable. It also means that new members can't just sign up, receive all previous exclusive resources and then cancel. This way you get value for money.

No, sorry. This membership system is designed to encourage loyalty, therefore you can only download each of the exclusive resources for the months that you are a member. In time you might be able to purchase the resource outright after 12 months should it become available to the public and enjoy your 10% discount from being a member.

There is a cooling off period for @TeacherToolkit Membership as set out in the terms and conditions of sale when you start your membership. However, if you download this month's resource then it will be deemed as though you have benefitted from that month's membership and no refunds for that month will be provided. You can cancel your ongoing subscription by going into your account and cancelling the account before your next renewal to prevent future payments. However, please note you will no longer have access to future member benefits.

Yes. Watch the following video explaining how you can change your recurring subscription payment method to a new credit/debit card or Direct Debit.

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September's Exclusive Toolkit Resource!

New Member Resource

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October's Exclusive Resource!

Guide To Memory

Guide To Memory

As I have developed my understanding of memory, I have delved deeper into parts of the brain in order to understand it better; to bridge a potential gap between cognitive psychology (the study of mental processes) and cognitive neuroscience (how we learn) for teachers. If we learn more about the former, we become even better at doing the latter (teaching how to learn). There are many ‘beginner guides to memory’ across my site. This resource takes that information one step further. The challenge is translating the information into practical ideas for teachers. Whilst we can learn about as many facts about the anatomy of the brain and what each section does, the key question is ‘How will this change the way I teach?’ I hope it empowers you…

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Next Month's Resource

The November 2021 resource will unpick cognitive load theory research and provide a range of practical strategies that teachers can use to support working memory.

The download includes a range of templates, provocations, a walk-through video, editable slides and an optional professional development webinar.

Next Month's Membership Resource

December 2021

This month's resource will unpick some wellbeing and workload strategies from outside the world of education.

January 2022

This month's resource will provide teachers and school/college leaders with my go-to coaching strategies to help improve performance.

February 2021

I'm always asked 'What is the perfect scheme of work?' This month's resource will provide a range of examples and templates for you to consider.

Monthly Membership Webinar

Silver, Gold and Red Toolkit members benefit from an exclusive 60-minute professional development webinar explaining each month's new resource in an online training session.

You will receive the recording, a certificate and have the opportunity to discuss the resource in more detail. This is only available to Silver, Gold and Red Toolkit members, and you can share the recording with others.

Current Bronze members can purchase individual member webinar recordings after each event for £5 each. However, upgrading to a Silver, Gold or Red Toolkit membership will provide more benefits and savings.

Get in touch if you have any questions.

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    Rachel Nute

    One of the best teaching resources I have come across with lots of tried and tested strategies; fits in very well with the latest frameworks. Give it a go and subscribe.

    Rachel Nute, Teacher

    Vaughan Connolly

    Focusing on our own wellbeing - a brilliant membership resource this month from @TeacherToolkit. Superbly researched and explained. Many thanks Ross!

    Vaughan Connolly, Teacher, Techie and Researcher