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How can we use the world around us to inspire students during an assembly?

This assembly can be adapted to suit any age, as well as being used at any stage of the academic year.

Obviously, this resource will be limited by its timestamp on publication, but using historical events at least will give you a platform to design your own.

The assembly focal-point is time; time-equivalents; population statistics and famous one-off events; people; disasters and celebrations. Essentially, what (event) happens in our life-time. People featured are: Andy Murray; Fred Perry; Michael Jackson; Princess Diana; Jack Andraka; The Queen; NASA and Nelson Mandela.


There is a useful reference regarding the 6-week summer holiday. This can be adapted to suit any school holiday; where we know students can fall back if they switch off. The assembly makes reference to timings and the equivalents at school and in life. The resource can be modified to suit your own school; the students and the latest news events.


Of course, I used The 5 Minute Assembly Plan. You can see my copy below.

5 Minute Assembly Plan (End of Term) by @TeacherToolkit
5 Minute Assembly Plan (End of Term) by @TeacherToolkit

To download a copy of The 5 Minute Assembly Plan, click on the image below.

Last week, I came across the story of 16-year-old, Jack Andraka. What an inspiring story! Over this weekend; whilst thinking about the context of my assembly, and with Andy Murray winning Wimbledon, I could not allow such a historic event to pass by a student-assembly. A screenshot of the various slides are shown below…

A screenshot of all 47 slides... by @TeacherToolkit
A screenshot of all 47 slides… by @TeacherToolkit

If you would like the context of the assembly and the reasoning behind what is included, I will happily provide you with a breakdown. I know it can be quite tricky using and understanding other people’s scripts and resources. If so, please contact me here. There is a brief context on slide one, with various notes and website references in each slide-footnote.

I do hope that you find it useful and easy to adapt. Please let me know if you use it and how you get on.

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