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You may or may not be aware, that Ofsted inspectors do not expect to see a lesson plan – they never have(!) and it is one of the greatest myths of the teaching profession here in England and Wales – but, just wait a moment! Ofsted do expect to see evidence of a planned lesson!

Lesson planning

Lesson planning: “Hate it or love it?”

Subsequently, when you are actually mentally planning what to do, inspectors do not expect to see three or four-part lessons with starters and plenaries anymore. Didactic teaching will not necessarily lead to a judgement of ‘inadequate’ (did you fall off your chair when you read that?) and furthermore, the word ‘differentiation’ is rarely used in the latest framework.

Note, you would be foolish to disregard the Shangri-la utopia that “all students make significant progress,” so do keep it in mind. Teachers are required to meet the individual needs of all the pupils they teach; so the need for effective differentiation is obvious and inspectors will look for evidence of this during observations. If you are an outstanding practitioner, planning will be evident in student outcomes and not necessarily a lesson plan! So, you may want to read this paragraph again.

More ‘Notes on the new Ofsted framework: how to be outstanding?’ can be found here on my blog, and published here on The Guardian teacher Network.

“…the key question!…”

Is the 5 minute lesson plan recognised by Ofsted?

Now, I won’t go into too many details about The 5 Minute Lesson Plan – you can read the finer details here – but what I do want to highlight to the reader, is a question (above) that I have received on countless occasions.

The simple answer is yes(!) and I have provided evidence of this below from a ‘real’ Ofsted report recently published…

"Lessons are planned using the recently introduced, '5 minute plan', which focuses clearly on what students learn, how they will learn it and 
what successful learning looks like. Teachers say that planning in this way has really helped them to improve the quality of their teaching."
The 5 MInute Lesson Plan receives Ofsted accolade!
The 5 MInute Lesson Plan receives Ofsted accolade!

Thank you @BChaloner1, Head of School in Nottingham, for sharing this wonderful news!

Watch The 5 Minute Lesson Plan in video and download the template off the TES website (350,000 others have!). Now available in 7 languages and used in over 140 countries across the world!!

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