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Thank you for your interest in working with Ross Morrison McGill.

Ross has been working in the classroom since 1991 and was recognised as one of '500 Most Influential People in Britain' (The Sunday Times). Today, he supports teachers all over the world.

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The staff were buzzing; a really focused and positive start to the school year. Very relevant and something that can be implemented immediately [which] will form the basis of much of [our] CPD. Thank you for helping us get the conversation about teaching and learning started in week one.

Lana Kulas, head of Huili High School, Shanghai (September, 2021)

Lana Kulas

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Dr. Michael Rousell

Ross has a gift; the ability to synthesize complex ideas into digestible chunks with an affable manner…

Dr. Michael Rousell, psychologist and associate professor at Southern Oregon University. (November, 2020)

Research-Informed, Pragmatic and Inspiring

Ross is well-researched, active and influential who genuinely understands that coming into your school is a decision not taken lightly.


In a challenging climate of teacher retention and workload, support for schools must be sustainable, high-quality and affordable! Many schools have said that Ross will leave your colleagues feeling inspired to make immediate changes to their work.

Ross has been teaching in schools since 1991 and started working with schools across the world from September 2017. He is currently studying for his doctorate at Cambridge University...


Who has Ross worked with?

Ross has lead whole-school teacher training since 2007. Due to increasing demand from reflecting and sharing his ideas on this website, in September 2017 he committed to working with all teachers, full-time, wherever those requests would take him! Today, he has worked with over 85,000 teachers in countries across the world. Over the three decades Ross has worked in schools, his high quality and pragmatic CPD has become niche, specialising in responsive teaching and learning and research-informed ideas to reduce teacher workload and improve teacher wellbeing. Today, he now has a worldwide audience!

You can learn more about what Ross is doing each month via social media and view the map below to view all of the places he has visited.

Kate Carr

It is a rarity to deliver CPD that can hook even the most ‘experienced’ of teachers, introduce new ideas, create a to-do-list as long as your arm and then show you how to do it all in 5 minutes, but Ross managed to do all of this in just a morning!

Kate Carr, deputy head teacher, Akeley Wood School – May 2019