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Originally founded in 2008 from a simple Twitter account, Ross Morrison McGill moved towards a team approach in 2017 when demand for his teaching and learning ideas outweighed his capacity to continue solo. Alongside the 8.5 million readers to this site, you can meet our growing team and our aims.

Our Mission:

  1. To give teachers a professional platform from which to be heard
  2. To make the complicated simple, providing teachers with access to resources that are meaningful for any classroom
  3. To provide teachers across the world, the encouragement and support they need to survive, thrive and flourish in a challenging profession
  4. To promote the community by challenging policy, guidance and publications
  5. To develop a forum for parents and students – written by teachers – to guide you through school life.

Our Aims:

  1. We will continue to give content as a grassroots community of educators, where teachers can have their voices heard, share their challenges and find solutions
  2. We will make ‘ready to use resources’ for busy teachers to support their professional lives and complicated, working environments
  3. We will provide an incentive for all teachers who regularly blog their content on this site
  4. We will promote edtech start-ups, offering them support and the chance to publish their work with us; to collaborate on ideas that shape the classroom
  5. We will develop our aims and endeavour to keep standards high; to keep our integrity, publishing resources we believe in, content that is up to date and inclusive, and although we receive income from advertising, we will never promote a company’s product where there is a conflict of interest or a product that we do not believe in.

Our Team:

Teacher Toolkit articles and resources have reached over 8.5 million readers in over 200 countries. @TeacherToolkit content is shaping classroom practice, supporting teachers, parents and students the world over; our tweets on Twitter have been seen by over 59 million people during the last 12 months!

Ross McGill
Ross Morrison McGill
Founder and CEO
Jenni McGill
Jenni McGill
Managing Director
Christabel Massoquai Team Member
Christabel Massoquai
Project Manager
Talah Kaddourah
Talah Kaddourah
Content Manager
Joshua McGovern
Joshua McGovern
Podcast Producer
Hollie Anderton
Hollie Anderton
Writer and Author
Dr Helen Woodley
Dr. Helen Woodley
Writer and Author
Hanna Beech
Hanna Beech


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