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Originally founded in 2008 from a simple Twitter account, Ross Morrison McGill moved towards a team approach in 2017 when demand for his teaching and learning ideas outweighed his capacity to continue solo. Alongside the 10 million readers to this site, you can meet small team and our key aims - to support teachers worldwide.

Please get in touch if you would like to work with us in some form or capacity...

Ross Morrison McGill


We are here to help support teachers, parents and students in education. We are one of the most widely read education websites across the world and consistently awarded the number one blog in the UK! 


  1. To give teachers a professional platform from which to be heard
  2. To promote the teaching community by sharing ideas, research; to challenge policy, guidance and publications
  3. To provide teachers across the world with solutions to support their professional lives and working environments
  4. We will also promote edtech start-ups, offering them the support and the chance to publish their work with us, publishing resources we believe in, content that is up to date and inclusive, and although we receive income from advertising, we will never promote a company’s product where there is a conflict of interest or something that we do not believe will make a difference to teaching and learning. This also ensures our website has free access for as long as possible.

Our Team

Teacher Toolkit articles and resources have reached over 10 million readers in over 200 countries. @TeacherToolkit content is shaping classroom practice, supporting teachers, parents and students the world over - our tweets alone on Twitter have been seen by over 59 million people over the last 12 months!

Ross Morrison McGill

Ross Morrison McGill

Founder & CEO

  • Ross is the founder of @TeacherToolkit and founded the company in 2008 with a simple Twitter account.
  • Ross is an experienced senior teacher with a career-history spanning 25+ years working in state schools across London. He is also an award-winning teacher, author and blogger. He is frequently asked to speak at national conferences across the world and is asked to reflect on educational developments about education policy. In 2015, Ross was nominated for ‘500 Most Influential People in the Britain’ by Debrett’s for his influence on education.
  • He is currently training teachers and studying for his doctorate at Cambridge University.
  • You contact Ross here.
Jenni McGill

Jenni McGill

Managing Director

  • Jenni is co-director of TeacherToolkit and without her, none of this would have ever happened or would continue to.
  • She maintains a common-sense for all and adds capacity to deal with the 100s of work-related requests we receive each week from all over the world. Jenni is a former bridal-wear designer who has worked in state schools for 16 years as a head of design technology. She also curates her own sewing workshops for adults and children...
  • Contact Jenni.
Christabel Massoquai

Christabel Massoquai

Project Manager

  • Christabel has been working with Teacher Toolkit since March 2018.
  • She has worked closely with Ross as part of teacher training work in and out of schools since 2016. She has a solid understanding of what CPD works in schools to ensure high-quality professional development for teachers. She is the first point of contact behind the scenes for all training and resource-management.
  • Contact Christabel.
Talah Kaddourah

Talah Kaddourah

Content Manager

  • Talah is a former student of Ross McGill and has been formally working with Teacher Toolkit since January 2018.
  • She recently joined the Teacher Toolkit team after achieving a first class honours from the University of Leeds in Digital Media, whilst continuing her further education in an MA in Political Communication at the same institution.
  • She is responsible for the marketing aspect of all social media channels and Talah’s main interests include communication, design, education and politics. Taah is interested in the importance of and lack of attention to the development of public speaking and non-verbal communication in young people. This interest was exemplified through her part in a joint scheme between the University of Leeds and Leeds City Council, delivering confidence and public speaking workshops to disadvantaged schools around West Yorkshire.
  • Contact Talah.
Joshua McGovern

Joshua McGovern

Podcast Producer

  • Joshua McGovern has been working with Teacher Toolkit since March 2018 and is the production manager for our podcasts.
  • He has a degree in Music Production and is a graduate of Leeds Beckett University and is a fellow collaborator on Iesha Small’s ‘Mindshackles‘ project – providing musical accompaniment to the personal stories ‘Documenting Depression Through Words and Photographs’ and is a former Station Manager of Crackers Radio in London. Aside from working with TT, he is a freelance podcast editor and music producer and is working for Dubzoo: a London-based startup that empowers music makers through daily insights on how to grow their fan base on social media.
  • Contact Joshua.