Back-Catalogue 2014: #TeacherBlogs, Patterns and Data

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@TeacherToolkit Back Catalogue 2014


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As the year 2014 comes to an end, here is a snapshot of the 5 most popular reads on my blog, as well as a fine-toothed analysis of my blogging patterns and Twitter data.

You can read my Back Catalogue from 2013, here.

The busiest day of the year was August 31st with 10,399 views. The most popular post that day was What are @OfstedNews Now Saying? by @TeacherToolkit. In 2014, there were 146 new posts, growing the total archive of my blog to over 300 posts!

Posting Patterns:

  • Longest Streak is 7 continuous days of blogging between 16 February – 22 February 2014.
  • I have just surpassed this with a blogpost everyday throughout this holiday season.
  • My best bay for blogging is on Sundays, with 32 posts in total of out a possible 52 weeks!

Attractions in 2014:

These are the blogposts that received the highest readership throughout 2014.

Some of my most popular posts were written before 2014. There are also many other blogposts that are all listed here.

You can see in the 2 year’s I’ve been blogging, that my Site Stats show I have now reached 2 million views, in 203 countries!

Lynne Frost Twitter

Where did my readers come from?


You can click to enlarge this map.

Blogger Statistics @TeacherToolkit

Follower Analysis:

I’m just pushing short of 80,000 followers on Twitter!


@TeacherToolkit on Twitter 79,000 followers


My tweets have generated 6.8M impressions over the past 28 day period. During this 28 day period, that’s 241.5K impressions per day. I respond to approximately 51 tweets per day, generating 1,400 replies to followers over the past 28 days!

On average I have responded to about 18,615 tweets during 2014! As you can imagine, that’s a huge amount of time and effort.


Twitter Analytics @TeacherToolkit

You can see from my Twitter analysis (and not my blog), that 63% of my followers are female. You can also see that The TES continue to dominate the teacher-circles, with 48% of my followers choosing to follow the TES before the DfE, The Guardian, Ofsted and the BBC. Perhaps this is because The TES continue to offer a useful service to the profession e.g. resources.

Of those that follow me, 12% are located in London, UK. 72.2% of my followers are based in the UK. This equates to about 51,000 Twitter accounts. I am slowly breaking into the United States, with 5,200 followers.

Twitter Analytics @TeacherToolkit


The impact of my tweets on education policy was recently featured in The Conversation: Teachers tweet truth to power, but will the politicians listen?

I hope you find this data useful and thank you for reading my blog throughout 2014.

Ross Morrison McGill - @TeacherToolkitHappy New Year from @TeacherTookit.

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