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How can retrieval practice transform your teaching?

This is a growing overview of anything and everything to do with retrieval practice I have been researching to help get teachers off to a strong start …

Over the last decade, I’ve become really obsessed with memory retention, which has led me to publish two books. The first is The Revision Revolution with Helen Howell, and the second, The Teacher Toolkit Guide to Memory.

What I’ve learned from reading about retrieval practice is that there’s not much out there for teachers who work with early years students and primary teachers, particularly for teachers (secondary included) who work in creative subjects.

Conduct deep and meaningful research, and you will find most retrieval practice research is conducted in high schools or colleges, in laboratory conditions, and more often than not, in maths, science, and history subjects, rather than in classrooms or the arts subjects.

This is my growing database of retrieval practice to help bridge that gap …

Retrieval practice for early years, and primary teachers

  1. Retrieval Practice in Early Years Classrooms
  2. 3 Retrieval Practice Studies for Early Years
  3. The Science of Spacing Practice
  4. Retrieval Practice in Real-Life Primary School Lessons!
  5. Using Retrieval Practice + Teaching Primary Maths
  6. Resource: Retrieval Practice in Primary School
  7. Retrieval Practice: Does Prior Knowledge Matter?
  8. Where and How to Learn Using Retrieval Practice
  9. Late Starts Can Boost Retrieval and Attendance!

Retrieval practice for secondary teachers

  1. Pretreival Practice: Asking Question Before The Lesson
  2. 10 Research Tips for Creating Multiple-Choice Quizzes
  3. A Short Exam at the Start of Every Class
  4. Can Surprise Quizzes Nudge Student Performance?
  5. Combining Generative Activities and Retrieval Practice
  6. Does Prior Knowledge Matter?
  7. Domain Knowledge and Retrieval Practice
  8. Maring in Red Pen Hinders Retrieval Practice
  9. Quizzing in the Classroom: A Game Changer for Learning
  10. Retrieval-Induced Forgetting vs Facilitation
  11. Testing Pays Off Twice
  12. Teaching Lessons Without Quizzes …
  13. The Effects of Retrieval Practice Frequency
  14. The Surprising Link Between Retrieval Quizzes and Exam Anxiety
  15. The Power of Retrieval Practice and Drawing Strategies
  16. The Double-Edged Sword of Memory Retrieval

Retrieval practice for further education teachers

  1. Do Retrieval Practice Quizzes Help Students?
  2. Does Frequent Testing Improve Student Outcomes?

Neuroscience for teacher training

  1. 5 Teaching Myths That STILL Trip Up Teachers!
  2. Cognitive Science in Teacher (Training) Education
  3. Cognitive Science Challenges for Teachers
  4. Cognitive Science in the Classroom
  5. Exploring Neuroeducation Ethics: Implications for Teachers
  6. How ‘Neuroeducation CPD’ Changes Teacher Habits
  7. Neuroeducation Research: Training for Teachers
  8. The Cognitive Science of Powerpoint (Pedagogy)
  9. Toward a Neuroscience Curriculum for Teachers

Retrieval practice research

  1. Academic references to early years (74 results)
  2. Academic references to primary classrooms (14 results)
  3. Academic references to secondary classrooms (8 results)
  4. A Systematic Review of Retrieval Practice
  5. Recall Type-Tasks Make A Difference
  6. Retrieval Practice is Costly for Some Students
  7. The Rule of Three
  8. The Forgetting Curve and Potential Mutations
  9. The Limitations of Retrieval Practice
  10. The Earliest Study on Retrieval Practice
  11. Why Students Do (or Do Not) Choose Retrieval Practice?
  12. Low-Stakes Quizzing and its Impact on Class Performance
  13. Is ‘Stress’ Good for Retrieval Practice?
  14. Solving Problems vs. Remembering Solutions

Retrieval practice resources

  1. Century: Adaptive Learning using Artificial Intelligence
  2. Learning by Questions is Changing Classroom Pedagogy
  3. Primary Quiz: 12 Benefits of Quizzing in the Classroom
  4. The Memory Palace
  5. by Pooja Agarwal, PhD., has probably one of the best one-stop shops available to teachers. There is a fabulous database available for retrieval practice research, which I’ve slowly been working through.

Delving into retrieval practice research offers teachers a research-informed range of strategies to enhance memory and learning across all educational stages and subjects …


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