12 Benefits of Quizzing in the Primary Classroom

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Primary Quiz


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Why not make it easier with Primary Quiz?

In my teaching career, planning lessons was an arduous, time-consuming task. The process was unrelenting. It involved crafting the content to be taught and organising it into PowerPoint presentations, or individual worksheets. 

  Retrieval practice helps engage learners and consolidate learning

To support the teaching process, teachers must make lessons more engaging, efficient, and effective for the students. This is why retrieval practice helps teachers! 

Having access to a vast online activity bank supports fluency, retrieval, and mastery in core subjects, such as English, maths, and science, providing a robust, comprehensive learning strategy at the click of a button. 

Primary Quiz

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With a simple motto of ‘make learning stick’, Primary Quiz provides hundreds of activities to help primary pupils retain, retrieve and master knowledge and skills in English, maths and science.

⏰  Retrieval practice saves teachers time!

Before this available technology, workload for teachers was incredibly high! Materials needed to be printed, photocopied, and distributed to the pupils – an exhausting and manual process that, at times, seemed never-ending. The hours I invested in this task were countless! 

Fast forward to today, and the educational landscape has transformed immensely! Innovations such as Primary Quiz provide game-changing solutions for educators. 

  The 12 benefits

Having had early access to Primary Quiz, I know there are remarkable benefits it brings to teaching. It’s not just a time-saver; it’s a lifesaver!  Primary Quiz is an intuitive educational technology software, designed exclusively for primary teachers. There are so many benefits:

  1. PqResources regenerate every time you use them.
  2. Daily opportunities for pupils to practise skills and retrieve knowledge.
  3. Builds resilience, confidence, curiosity and engagement.
  4. Fosters teamwork, collaboration and cooperation
  5. Creates a fun, safe and inclusive classroom environment.
  6. Improves speaking and listening skills.
  7. Builds pupils’ self-awareness of their own learning.
  8. Saves teachers hours of planning and preparation time.
  9. Perfect for SATS preparation.
  10. Complements any scheme of work you are already using.
  11. No photocopying required(!), plus,
  12. Instant access to hundreds of online English, Maths and Science activities for pupils in Years 1 to 6!

No more relentless paperwork!

Primary Quiz delivers a wide range of activities that are instantly available, reducing workload considerably.

For teachers, the focus can now shift from the time-consuming task of ‘content creation’ to actively engaging and inspiring our students, a primary objective that’s often overshadowed by logistics.

To see how Primary Quiz works, watch this:

Primary Quiz not only engages pupils, it also consolidates their learning. It effectively aids in developing memory, helping students remember and apply information, which is crucial for progress. 

Reflecting on my own journey as a teacher, the transformation that Primary Quiz can bring to the teaching profession is nothing short of remarkable! I wish I had access to it in my classroom…

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