Using Retrieval 🔁 Practice + Teaching Primary Maths

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How can teachers engage their primary pupils in maths?

Great teachers bring curriculum content to life, using classroom strategies and research-informed methods, but sometimes, our pupils and teachers also need some motivation…

As a pupil or as a teacher, do you remember those times in your classrooms where curriculum teaching involves participating in a competition, whether a local or national event?

I remember taking part in many design and technology competitions at a national and international level. Not only is this fantastic motivation for your pupils, but it can also be a great motivational tool for your teaching staff.

As a result of writing this blog, I have worked with 100s of organisations. There are equally hundreds that I turned down because I simply don’t think their resources are suitable or good enough for classroom teachers.

Using competition for collaboration and learning…

SplashLearnSb Combat Learning Loss is an example of a resource that I would use in my school.

Throughout my teaching career, I have seen many maths departments and maths teachers participate in national maths competitions. In my observations in maths classrooms around schools, I’ve also seen teachers use creative online software to support teaching and learning.

I also know my son becomes very engaged and excited about anything to do with maths and when some form of competition is involved, he really becomes immersed in learning. We know this type of engagement in content is retrieval practice in play…

What is SpringBoard 2021?

SplashLearn have recently announced their Springboard 2021 competition – one of the biggest annual maths challenges – which supports the development of knowledge and skills. It also helps to bridge learning gaps and it could offer the motivation your pupils need during the pandemic as we refine our recovery curriculum?

How can it help your class?

Well, firstly it’s free to enrol. Secondly, it’s a 10-week practice challenge that gives pupils the opportunity to become deeply engaged, as well as support teacher’s workload with planned activities and content.

Better still? There are prizes worth £8,000 to be won! Sign up now to participate…

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Teachers and schools who support pupils to collaborate towards a common goal, whether they are in class or at home can support mental health post-pandemic, motivate pupils and also unlock curriculum content!

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