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Lynn How

Lynn is the Editor at Teacher Toolkit. With 20 years of primary teaching and SLT experience, she has been an Assistant Head, Lead Mentor for ITT and SENCO. She loves to write and also has her own SEMH and staff mental health blog: www.positiveyoungmind.com. Lynn...
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What are the most popular resources across this website?

With >200 resources, 257k downloads and 62k subscribers, we must be doing something right! Here’s a roundup of our top resources this year …

Top 3 Webinars

Did you know there are over 60 hours of professional development webinars for teachers to access on this site? That’s over 2 years of teacher training available to schools and teachers …

1. Just Great Marking

Just Great Marking Membership Webinar


This 60-minute webinar resource presents 10 marking and assessment strategies to help alleviate one of the greatest burdens on all teachers.

The resource includes the slide deck and editable templates.


2. Retrieval Practice, Classroom Tools

Retrieval Practice


This 60-minute webinar resource on retrieval practice techniques.

The download offers a good body of academic research alongside 10 practical templates you can adapt for your classroom.


3. Curriculum Planning for Long Term Retention

Webinar: Curriculum Planning Long Term Retention Membership


This resource offers school leaders and teachers a methodology for reshaping curriculum planning.

The material will also help teachers adapt their resources to support long-term retention and develop a secure overview.


Top 3 Free Downloads

The vast majority of resources across this site are available free to download.

All you need to do is create an account and get started!

1. The Question Matrix

The Question MatrixA questioning resource to help deepen assessment and anticipate a richer response from pupils.

This is one of the most popular resources on the site and is an excellent classroom strategy to display on walls, whiteboards and in student exercise books.


2. The 5 Minute Lesson Plan

NEW 5 Minute Lesson Plan 2021 by @TeacherToolkitAll teachers arrive at their classroom to teach a lesson with ‘a plan of some kind’, regardless of experience.

Some teachers prefer to layout every detail whilst others are happy to ‘turn up’, acting upon their professional wisdom in the moment. Whatever method you choose to use, a happier balance is needed.

This lesson planning tool has been downloaded three million times!


3. Pose Pause Pounce Bounce

Pose-Pause-Pounce-Bounce-PPPBAnother very popular download! This simple yet sophisticated assessment for learning questioning technique helps teachers hold students to account – and can keep everybody thinking!

Its success rests with the ‘pause’ and subtle behaviour management during the questioning process. Read all about this concept here.


Top 3 Member Resources

Before the pandemic, The Toolkit was launched to provide teachers with the option to access high-quality resources outside the workplace. At an affordable price, over 3,000 teachers and 15 schools now subscribe to some of our best resources behind the scenes. Now in its 27th month since launch, here are 3 of the most popular to date.

1. 25 EdTech Tools

25 EdTech ToolsThis resource offers 25 pieces of edtech software to support teachers in and out of the classroom.

This is a collection (largely) of free downloadable tools and a small number of subscriptions. All explained to make the working lives of teachers more efficient. There is a webinar explaining each resource in greater detail.


2. Spaced Practice + Curriculum Sequencing

Spaced Practice + Curriculum Sequencing In this resource, Ross shares 3 pieces of research to demonstrate how ‘spacing’ leads to better learning retention and how it activates the neurons in our brain!

When one understands how learning happens, you can tweak your current resources to become more efficient.


3. 10 Study Techniques

10 Study Techniques 25th Membership ResourceThis resource, 12 study techniques are offered to help students recall and retain knowledge during the exam season.

We prefer to promote study skills from day one of school life, not just before the exam season commences. If we all adopted this approach, the explicit teaching of study skills becomes an important social justice issue that teachers can resolve.

Have you downloaded them all?

If there is something you need, why not search our resources section or request a resource by contacting us.

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