Spaced Practice + Curriculum Sequencing


In this resource, I share 3 pieces of research to demonstrate how ‘spacing’ leads to better learning retention and how it activates the neurons in our brain! 

This membership download includes a full slide deck, a video walkthrough, editable templates and an optional professional development webinar with CPD certificate.

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So, what is Spaced Practice?

Spaced practice (UK) or distributed practice (USA) is learning activities (spaced) over time. For example, in chunks, every other hour, day or week rather than cramming everything into a short window.

The best advice to offer your students is to teach them how to plan a study timetable, and consider your curriculum sequence to suit this learning method. It’s backed by an enormous body of research!

In this resource, you will be presented 3 pieces of research and a range of templates to support your curriculum design and lesson planning.


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