Podcast 137: 🎙️ Let’s Talk Retrieval Practice

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Libby Isaac

I am a former Head of School, I now work more flexible working hours as I have a very young family. I am a Teaching and Learning Co-Ordinator for a Secondary School. I am an experienced senior leader and school improvement consultant. I am a...
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Why is retrieval practice so vulnerable to mutation?

In our 137th podcast, we interview Kate Jones, a history teacher who has recently returned to the U.K. after teaching in UAE. She is the author of several books on teaching …

Listen to the podcast (37 minutes)

  • Does retrieval practice really work for practical subjects in the same way?
  • How can retrieval be transferred into primary schools?
  • The 4 core/ key elements that determine how effective retrieval is within a classroom.
  • Examples of retrieval within the classrooms.
  • Is retrieval practice a fad?
  • What are some common misconceptions and mutations with retrieval in the classroom?

You can keep up to date with Kate’s work on her YouTube channel, talk with her on most social media channels and purchase any of her brilliant books!

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