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Why choose Teacher Toolkit?

We believe in using pragmatic ideas that have impact! In challenging times of teacher retention, we provide schools with sustainable solutions using the latest research and cognitive science. At Teacher Toolkit we understand what does / does not work and will focus on the fact that coming into your school is a decision not taken lightly by schools and school leaders. With over 25 years in education, influencing ideas and discussion nationally, Teacher Toolkit will support your professional development physically and remotely.

Please get in touch to discuss something bespoke.
Type of training?Snapshot:Leave a voicemail?Time:
AssembliesA one-off motivational assembly for a group of students. This can be based on examination preparation or curriculum related topics e.g. eSafety.Contact.30 mins to 1 hour.
CoachingTo introduce, develop and embed a coaching culture across your school to replace one-off performance. This professional development is design for a small group of teachers to lead on coaching strategies across the school. Resources, insight and strategies will be offered, as well as potential problems.Contact.1-2 days
ConferencesA tailored keynote presentation to align with your own conference programme. This can be connected into a workshop or series of presentations as part of your event. Typical topics include: leadership; CPD; teaching and learning; well-being.Contact.1-2 hours
ConsultancySchool-Based Support; working in a lead practitioner role, department reviews are offered in a variety of subject specialisms to quality assure standards of teaching and learning. Subjects include: Design Technology (all areas); Computing; Art; EAL and English. To support impact over time and to enable change, this package is only offered over a series 2 (minimum) days or more. Other areas of consultancy support include appraisal, human resources, recruitment and employee retention, workload management and motivation and wellbeing of individual teachers.Contact.2+ days
INSETTypical training days involve provocative thoughts about 'good' teaching over time and what this means for schools, leaders, teachers themselves and the students. Practical solutions are offered so that they can be implemented into any classroom the very next day; ideas surrounding a simple Mark-Plan-Teach methodology for improving teaching and learning.Contact.1/2 day
1 day or
2 days
Public RelationsHow does your school manage it's PR? We can help you to manage your school profile with website support, marketing and social media channels. Analytics and applications can also be offered to support what works / what doesn't. One day on site and one day remote consultancy.Contact.1-2 days
Teaching and LearningAre your classrooms lacking va-va-voom? We can support with policies and resources which can be offered as part of a whole-school Teaching and Learning health check. Various models include observations; moving away from graded lessons; quality assurance; progress over time; planning; marking; teaching; assessing the quality of marking over time; observation guidance; working with Gifted and Talented, EAL/SEND students.Contact.2+ days
WebinarsOnline webinars are mainly offered after school-hours, but not exclusively. Designed to suit the needs of any school(s), the online session is typically for one hour and can suit any of the topics listed above on this page.Contact.1-2 hours.
WorkshopsA bespoke set of workshops, deliberately designed for small groups of teachers e.g. trainees; NQTs; RQTs; middle leaders and senior leaders. Themes include; marking, planning, teaching; leading a department or team and new to leadership. To support impact over time and to enable change, this package is only offered over a series 2 (minimum) days or more.Contact.2+ days

Ross Morrison McGill is the founder of @TeacherToolkit, the ‘most followed teacher on Twitter in the UK’. He is an award-winning teacher with over 20 years experience in the classroom. He writes the ‘most influential blog on education in the UK’ and has one of the most widely read blogs across the world. In 2015, he was nominated for ‘500 Most Influential People in the Britain’ by Debrett’s.