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Ross McGill has worked hundreds of organisations, delivering keynotes, roundtable discussions and Q&A panels, as well as leading teacher training across the U.K. and in Canada, Spain, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates.

What do people say?

“I was absolutely delighted with the ‘Mark, Plan, Teach’  training day Ross led on behalf of our Greenwood Learning Alliance.  The event involved teachers and leaders from across our 3-19 academy Trust working with Ross on high-quality pedagogy, top tips on reducing workload and challenging debate on education’s hot topics.  Feedback from delegates was extremely positive with many now using the MPT book as their teaching and learning bible.  Excellent value all round and we look forward to continuing our relationship with Ross through the rich array of resources from the Teacher Toolkit.” (Tom Campbell, Education Director, Greenwood Academies Trust – October 2018)

“I first saw Ross present during an NAHT conference on Capturing the Teenage Brain and I was immediately struck by his no-nonsense, practical advice and superb style of delivery: I was mesmerised from the start! Our military school is closing down next year and I knew Ross was what we needed to raise people’s spirits, motivate them for the year ahead and reassure them they would be ready for life back in the UK. And he didn’t let us down. Presenting to around 100 colleagues from 4 different MOD Schools in Germany, Ross had us all at hello! His highly interactive style and simple yet powerful strategies had all of us hooked – even my two deputies, been at the school for 30 years and retiring soon, were caught engrossed in his book the next day! If you are after a highly motivational INSET day, with tons of practical advice and resources to reduce workload and protect staff wellbeing, then look no further. We all had a blast and thoroughly enjoyed the day.” (Ms. Emma Bryson, Headteacher, King’s School, Gütersloh – October 2018).

“The school was ‘buzzing’ the next day; staff felt uplifted and were really keen to start putting ideas into practice!” (Ms. Geraldine Higham, St. Edmund’s Catholic Academy – September 2018)

“Ross led a 3-hour session for a group of heads and senior leaders from 8 primary schools in Exeter. We asked him to give us some ideas for improving the way we give feedback to teachers that will help them improve their practice, and to share some workload reduction strategies. Ross gave us exactly what we asked for, leaving us with practical strategies that will help improve all of our schools. We also came away feeling motivated and enthused, reaffirming that working in schools, especially in leadership positions, is a fabulous job that allows us to make a difference to children’s and adult’s lives, especially if we stick to our principles and base our actions on evidence-based approaches. A brilliant morning!” (Mr. Roy Souter, Headteacher, Stoke Hill Juinor School – September 2018)

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“The twilight session with Ross was great. It reaffirmed that lots of what we are already doing is right, it helped our teachers hearing it from someone else that isn’t me. They were really proud of what we’ve done so far. It also then gave us so many new ideas and food for thought. I wouldn’t hesitate to book Ross again. And as with everything in life, you get what you pay for; Ross was really good value for money.” (Mrs. Kate Owbridge, Executive Headteacher, Ashdown Primary School – September 2018)

“Ross McGill is incredible – both on paper and in person. He was able to connect to both Primary and Secondary colleagues in the same room and talked a whole lot of sense throughout. Ross has a very powerful way of cutting through the bureaucracy that can and very often does, take teachers under. He offered practical advice, tips and survival expertise and everyone took something away from the room that they were able to use in their own classrooms. Best of all, the ideas come from a place of research! We would be delighted to have Ross back in school and working with us all again.” (Kate Bradley, Head of Secondary School, La Cote International School, Switzerland – September 2018)

“Ross delivered a top-notch start of year training day with us; he pitched it just right for the two different groups he worked with and successfully ignited, revived or rekindled the learning spark in our teachers after a long summer break. A real professional and totally human too: we can’t wait to have Ross back to work with us again!” (Tor Del Federico, Deputy Headteacher, College Alpin Beau Soleil, Switzerland – August 2018)

“Ross McGill was brilliant when he visited Lord Grey Academy in Bletchley. He was warm, approachable, humorous, insightful and full of common sense wisdom. He really made our staff feel valued and he reminded us of why we work in the wonderful profession of education. He truly was an inspirational speaker!” (Dr Tracey Jones, Principal, Lord Grey Academy – July 2018)

“Thought provoking and challenging; with lots of ideas which were informative and current.” (Jo Pridding, Assistant Headteacher, All Hallows Catholic College – July 2018)

“Ross is an exceptionally knowledgeable presenter, who is very engaging with practical advice to take back to the classroom.” (Lisa Clark, Norfolk Teaching and Leadership Excellence Centre – June 2018)

The best INSET rarely does one size fits all but @TeacherToolkit breaks the mould. Ross gave us an energetic and inspirational morning of ideas tailored to our needs-theory, pedagogy and practical ideas to advance our learning and teaching-just brilliant.” (Alastair Armstrong, Assistant Headteacher Fettes College, Edinburgh – January 2018)

Utterly fantastic!” (Aidan Brennan, Deputy Headteacher, The Trinity Catholic School – April 2018)

I was truly inspired to the extent that on the train journey home, I was already rewriting our school teaching and learning policy. When I got back to work, I provided my feedback in our senior leadership team meeting and went through everything. By the end of the meeting, I had convinced them all that we need to have a good rethink and place teaching and learning at the heart of everything we do.” (Howard Flanagan – Director of Teaching & Learning, Erith School – March 2018).

Teachers said: “The most useful aspect of the course for me was Ross McGill’s talk and ‘hacks’ to use for teaching and work/life balance … I would have loved to have had more from Ross – such a useful and inspiring lecture.  Lots of great ideas to work with … I have had a change in perspective – I will emphasise planning for learning rather than planning tasks … I really enjoyed Ross McGill’s session; lots of practical and realistic advice … Apart from they wanted more time with you, there were no EBIs!” (Angie Woodcraft – Alliance CPD Coordinator, Chiltern Learning Trust School – April 2018)

Within days of attending a TeacherToolkit social media course, I saved time in promoting my school and instantly had 3 school place enquiries! Ross packs so much into the day; his expertise and wealth of tips not only save time and reduce your workload, but it immediately makes an impact. He shows you how to promote your organisation using pragmatic techniques! (Tracey Griffiths – Head teacher, Barn Croft Primary School – February 2018)

Ross lead the Social Media Strategies for Schools course and did a superb job in ensuring that the needs of all delegates, who were from a range of schools and roles in schools, not just teachers, were met … My key ‘takeaway’ from the day was guidance on how to manage social media workload; some very clever operational methods to ensure outstanding communication and marketing strategy. The best course I have attended in years …” (Richard Lewis – Lead Teacher, King Edward VI Five Ways School – December 2017).

Staff found the training session “thought provoking and full of great ideas”. They were impressed wide range of ideas and strategies they could use in the classroom. (Elizabeth Bennett, Assistant Headteacher, The Costello School – November 2017).

We were delighted to welcome Ross to Scotland to deliver a workshop based around Mark.Plan.Teach. Colleagues from over 20 schools across Scotland (independent and local authority) were kept fully engaged and rewarded with a range of strategies that they were able to take away ready to implement into their classroom practice. Recurring themes from the feedback stressed how realistic, knowledgeable and inspirational Ross is. (Margaret Lannon, Deputy Director: Professional Learning, The Scottish Council of Independent Schools – November 2017)

Ross delivered a great day for our whole staff based on stretch/challenge and differentiation. Like all good differentiation, there was something for everyone – even us old hands! The liaison prior to the day was first class, I felt that Ross was keen to ensure that the day met our needs exactly … If you haven’t booked him yet, get in quick! (Alyson Grindley, deputy headteacher, St. Mary’s CE High School, Cheshunt – October 2017)

We were delighted that Ross came into King Alfred School to work with our teaching staff. He ran two workshops which were specifically aimed at providing stimulating ideas which are immediately applicable in the classroom. Both sessions were interactive and involved activities which were both fun and created a positive atmosphere amongst the staff. There was a great deal of laughter as we tried out different tasks. It was clear how each of these could be taken and applied to a range of subjects. All of the activities were clearly researched and based on evidence, however, Ross didn’t allow this to detract from the practicalities of the day, as per his brief. Staff feedback has been very positive with several teachers using the activities in their next lessons … It is especially noteworthy that Ross was able to step in at the last minute as another provider withdrew with little notice. We are very grateful to Ross for all his efforts in ensuring that our INSET session on T&L was so productive and enjoyable. (Penny Wild, Assistant Head, King Alfred School – November 2017)