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Ross McGill has worked hundreds of organisations, delivering keynotes, roundtable discussions and Q&A panels, as well as leading teacher training across the U.K. and in Germany, Canada, Spain, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates.

What do school leaders and teachers say?

“… such a lively and interesting, thought-provoking training day – and for volunteering to do so! It’s not easy to hold anyone’s attention for 3 hours, nor at the end of an academic year, but Ross certainly did that. There was so much food for thought for all of us but for me, personally, being in charge of T&L, it clarified much, reassured me about some things, and made me consciously re-consider others. I know that the staff really appreciated Ross’ time because they told me so.” (Louise Reznikova – deputy head teacher, The Windsor Boys’ School – July 2019)

“The feedback from delegates was overwhelmingly positive – we had lots of really positive responses with many of our middle leaders suggesting that these ideas should be delivered to all our staff.” (Mark Howes, senior leader, Etone College – July 2019)

I sat in Ross’ training before Easter realising I wished I was back in the classroom and, just before half term, took the plunge and am going back as an English Teacher in September (having stopped as a Deputy Head) – thank you for (partly) spurring me into action! (Ellie Thompson, central services director for a school trust in SE England – June 2019)

It is a rarity to deliver CPD that can hook even the most ‘experienced’ of teachers, introduce new ideas, create a to-do-list as long as your arm and then show you how to do it all in 5 minutes, but Ross managed to do all of this in just a morning! (Kate Carr, deputy head teacher, Akeley Wood School – May 2019)

The buzz Ross created was palpable, the confidence we gained as a team was profound; the session – which was thoroughly tailored to the needs of our school – was delivered in a supportive and stimulating manner as Ross clearly understood the challenges we faced. The delivery meant that members of staff left feeling motivated and revitalised – even at the end of term – it really was a remarkable learning experience which I can’t recommend enough! (Cath Smith, head teacher, The John Roan School – April 2019)

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“The method was the message! Ross inspired us with the confidence to lead our CPD coaching programme forwards.” (Helen Fullard, assistant principal, Hinchingbrooke School – February 2019)

“The training delivered by Ross was rooted in real-life situations and instead of adding to workload, the focus is truly on working more effectively, using proven techniques backed up by a secure evidence base to have a greater impact on the progress of the pupils.” (Chris Fletcher, head of teaching school, Blueprint Teaching Alliance – January 2019)

Fantastic keynote from Ross for our wellbeing inset day, thought-provoking, insightful and has enabled us all to think about ways to support our own wellbeing. (Justine Rumsey, assistant head teacher, Chellaston Academy – March 2019)

“Ross emulates empathy and understanding of the pressures teacher are under. His toolkit is invaluable and each member of staff left the training session with practical takeaways which can be easily implemented. For school leaders, it is a great opportunity to review policies and procedures.” (Shirley Drummond, head teacher, St Helen’s College, Hillingdon – January 2019)

“Ross worked on high-quality pedagogy, top tips on reducing workload and challenging debate on education’s hot topics. Feedback was extremely positive and excellent value …” (Tom Campbell, education director, Greenwood Academies Trust – October 2018)

“I was immediately struck by Ross’ no-nonsense, practical advice and superb style of delivery … even my two deputies who been at the school for 30 years and retiring soon, were caught engrossed in his book the next day! If you are after a highly motivational INSET day, with tons of practical advice and resources to reduce workload and protect staff wellbeing, then look no further.” (Ms. Emma Bryson, head teacher, King’s School, Gütersloh – October 2018).

“The school was ‘buzzing’ the next day; staff felt uplifted and were really keen to start putting ideas into practice!” (Ms. Geraldine Higham, St. Edmund’s Catholic Academy – September 2018)

“Ross led a 3-hour session for a group of heads and senior leaders from 8 primary schools in Exeter. Ross gave us exactly what we asked for, leaving us with practical strategies that will improve all of our schools. A brilliant morning!” (Mr. Roy Souter, head teacher, Stoke Hill Juinor School – September 2018)

“As with everything in life, you get what you pay for; Ross was really good value for money.” (Mrs. Kate Owbridge, Executive head teacher, Ashdown Primary School – September 2018)

“Ross has a very powerful way of cutting through the bureaucracy that can and very often does, take teachers under!” (Kate Bradley, head of secondary, La Cote International School, Switzerland – September 2018)

“Ross delivered a top-notch start of year training day with us. A real professional and totally human too: we can’t wait to have Ross back to work with us again!” (Tor Del Federico, deputy head teacher, College Alpin Beau Soleil, Switzerland – August 2018)

“Humorous, insightful and full of common sense. He truly was an inspirational speaker!” (Dr Tracey Jones, principal, Lord Grey Academy – July 2018)

“Thought-provoking and challenging.” (Jo Pridding, assistant head teacher, All Hallows Catholic College – July 2018)

“Utterly fantastic!” (Aidan Brennan, deputy headteacher, The Trinity Catholic School – April 2018)

The best INSET rarely does one size fits all but @TeacherToolkit breaks the mould.” (Alastair Armstrong, assistant head teacher Fettes College, Edinburgh – January 2018)