On-Demand Webinar: Mark Plan Teach 2.0


Note: This on-demand training is limited to 30 minutes and is not part of The Toolkit subscription or Teacher Training one-hour plus webinar services.

Unlock the transformative power of “Mark Plan Teach 2.0” for your school with this on-demand webinar, exclusively available at @TeacherToolkit. Perfect for school leaders seeking a sustainable shift towards excellence in teaching and learning, whilst balancing the challenges of teacher workload.

This is an on-demand webinar for schools to purchase.

As soon as your order is received, Ross will contact you to discuss your needs and deliver a bespoke training session. Includes:

  • teaching and learning policy consultation
  • signed copy of Mark Plan Teach 2.0
  • digital resource pack
  • x34 cartoon summaries.
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Mark Plan Teach 2.0 by Ross Morrison McGill, is a seminal piece of work that serves as an invaluable resource for teachers, and headteachers, offering refined strategies and insights for enhancing teaching effectiveness and student engagement.

At the heart of “Mark Plan Teach 2.0” lies a trio of core principles: marking (feedback), planning, and teaching. McGill’s approach is both revolutionary and grounded, advocating for a balanced methodology that prioritises impactful teaching while reducing workload. The book is not just a guide but a manifesto for sustainable teaching practices that elevate both teacher wellbeing and student achievement.

The range of practical ideas teachers could implement into the classroom, happened the very next day.

Esther Suttle, assistant headteacher, Withington Girls’ School, Manchester.


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