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How can we ensure new teachers get off to a strong start?

How do we help them navigate life inside and outside the classroom?

Drawing upon 25 years of teaching experience, this training offers early career teachers an A-Z overview of key techniques to embed into classroom practice. These research-informed strategies are supported by the unglamorous side of teaching, from staffroom politics to contracts, managing wellbeing to break duty, other staff and the administrative aspects of teacher workload

This on-demand webinar, exclusively available at @TeacherToolkit, is perfect for all new teachers across the sector. Ross McGill will explain how prioritising and managing workload is not something that should be left to chance. Managing wellbeing and workload must be explicitly taught to new teachers if they are to survive beyond their first year of teaching!

This is an on-demand webinar for schools and colleges to purchase.

As soon as your order is received, Ross will contact you to discuss your needs and deliver a bespoke training session. Includes:

  • x1 signed copy of Teacher Toolkit for your staff library
  • digital resource pack – perfect for CPD sessions.
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Packed with countless anecdotes, from disastrous observations to marking in a school cupboard, Ross McGill shares an A-Z compendium of teaching strategies and advice, which aims to motivate, comfort, amuse and above all reduce the workload of a new teacher.

Teacher Toolkit is underpinned by 25 years of classroom experience. This is a timeless training session that supports new teachers to stay motivated in and outside of the classroom.


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