On-Demand Webinar: Guide To Questioning


Ask any teacher:

‘How many different questioning techniques do you know?’

and you may receive a long pause …

Teachers ask hundreds of questions daily, but methods and strategies are often not considered.

Guide To Questioning will put these influences front and centre, supporting teachers to work more efficiently. Planning what questions to ask, how they are asked and well-received, should be part of every curriculum plan.

This on-demand webinar, exclusively available at @TeacherToolkit, is perfect for all teachers across the sector. Ross McGill will show you how questioning can influence your classroom culture, including how some techniques can improve how you work with other adults.

This is an on-demand webinar for schools and colleges to purchase.

As soon as your order is received, Ross will contact you to discuss your needs and deliver a bespoke training session. Includes:

  • x1 signed copy of Guide To Questioning
  • digital resource pack
  • x11 cartoon summaries – perfect for CPD sessions.
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Guide To Questioning by Ross Morrison McGill highlights a complex linguistic tool for assessing learning. It is a classroom technique that is often taken for granted.

This research-based training will provide teachers with nuanced theory and a range of practical tools for assessment and engagement, reducing teacher workload whilst nurturing a culture of inquiry in every classroom. A teacher’s ability to craft and integrate questioning is a crucial skill, but when we factor in questioning functions, dynamics, difficulty, engagement and the feasibility of constructing questions, there is much more expert work to be done.

At the heart of Guide To Questioning is a range of practical applications that we make you rethink how teachers ask and receive everyday questions in the classroom.


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