ICT In Schools: 10 Pieces of Equipment for Every Classroom

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If money was not a barrier, what 10 technology tools would you use in your classroom?

I’m certain your list will be different and will vary according to the context in which you work; many of these will also become obsolete. But, if money was no barrier, what would you use in your classroom to enhance teaching and learning for your students?

ICT Equipment for Every Classroom:

These are 10 ICT items I would like to use in my classroom. They are in no particular preference; some of the items I am already using and others are merely a pipe-dream. In most cases, the list includes hardware items, but not exclusively.

  1. A social media output channel to connect with students, parents and fellow classrooms outside your 4 walls …
  2. A desktop computer to access online resources. There was a day when I taught in a classroom with no PC!
  3. USB or Wifi access for document sharing and device connectivity. Again, rewind just 7 or 8 years ago …
  4. A projector with interactive whiteboard functionality or television screen connectivity.
  5. A presentation clicker for classroom mobility. The best one I’ve found is Logitech which I use for keynotes.
  6. A visualiser or document camera for displaying student work, or presenting live feedback.
  7. Tablet devices for teacher and student e.g. iPad and not necessarily 1:1 (Listen to the research).
  8. Recording hardware/software for podcasting e.g. microphone, headphone and speakers
  9. A digital camera for showcasing work in film or photographs.
  10. A few show-off gizmos; e.g. data-logging; remote control vehicles/robots/buzzers and lights!


In times of cash-redundant schooling and increasing mental health, it is important to consider the research on using digital technology in the classroom.

When I wrote this blog in 2015, I asked readers to consider what their top-10 ICT hardware/software solutions would be for their classrooms and is compiled to suggest an ICT toolkit for all teachers to consider. More can be found in the book below …

@TeacherToolkit Book Vitruvian Teacher Man Resilience Version 2

*updated April 2021

8 thoughts on “ICT In Schools: 10 Pieces of Equipment for Every Classroom

  1. Hi Ross – probably won’t surprise you that I’m commenting on this post!
    You’ll know that several of the functions you identify can actually be achieved with the same device … any of the higher-end tablet devices can be podcast studio/camera/visualiser/video camera etc – which if a hybrid device (with keyboard) can be even more useful… and I’d urge your readers to think carefully about the potential of such devices – which also enable you to re-purpose content quickly and easily – before buying ‘individual’ sole-purpose devices such as visualisers etc.
    However, if you need the highest resolution/fastest rendering/biggest screen… the tablet probably won’t be the right choice…

  2. Cadie’s trainings were more important on ICT integration in education setting but the problem is ressources in order to implement what we learnt in the training.

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