Webinar: Cognitive Load Theory


What has evolved from John Sweller’s research (1998) is that various instructional techniques are recommended (that fit in with the characteristics of working memory) and therefore unlock better learning potential.

This webinar resource offers an introduction to CLT research and theory. A teacher’s challenge is to translate these findings and use explicit strategies and resources to unlock learning potential.

Included is the full slide deck, with a short 20-minute video explaining some of the key concepts.

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We know that the brain is limited by what is can do with any new information at one time. All the research that I have read suggests that we can manipulate between three and nine pieces of information at any one time.

With teaching and increased levels of accountability, the desire for teachers to ‘show progress’ and evidence their impact, makes the classroom a more pressurised business. Add to this the recent explosion and interest in cognitive science, this places more pressure on teachers to teach critical thinking skills to our young people. With exams and narrow curriculum time, teaching is more complex than ever!

How do teachers navigate the complex world of research and the practical aspects of the classroom? This resource is offered as a CPD resource to share with other teachers; designed to elicit a discussion and informed-ways of teaching.


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