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If learning is highly individual, what can teachers do to keep one step ahead of all 30 students?

In this resource, you’ll be presented with 3 recent books I (currently) keep close to my desk which inspire my teacher-training and thinking. I have presented this resource is such a way that you can grab the main synopsis of each book, plus some of my own translations of the work as practical resource templates and concepts for you to try…

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I read some books on teaching when I was training to be a teacher, but this stopped for many years as I crafted my wisdom in the classroom. It took almost 10 years before I picked up any teaching book freely for my professional development. Today, with the abundance of social media, all teachers will have to work hard to avoid seeing or reading teacher blog, books and academic paper.

As with all classroom resources, research papers and educational books, it’s one thing to read the material but another to be able to use this information. Please remember that this is my translation of these three excellent books. I have tried to unpick them to help teachers learn more about ‘What is learning?’ and ‘What does this mean for teaching?’

I hope this researched-resource helps support you and your colleagues.


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