Webinar: Action Research


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Teachers are curious about research but often don’t know where to start.

This file contains a webinar-tutorial (17 minutes), plus a PDF resource pack and set of slides you can edit for yourself. This short webinar has been filmed to meet demands and help other teachers learn more about research methods and how you can adapt the ideas back in your place of work and contribute new knowledge to the teaching profession.


Ask any teacher about research and you’ll get a mixed response: “It’s powerful!”, “I don’t have time!” or “I already know this…” In some cases, (scientific) research backs up what teachers do (the craft of teaching) in the classroom and exemplifies two important issues within education: The frustration that some believe we do not need research to tell teachers what they can do, yet on the other hand, research which supports the complex work that teachers do which can only raises the profile of the teaching profession as a rigorous process.

In my own career as a teacher and having worked with tens of thousands of teachers, teachers are curious but often don’t know where to start  – this is made harder by lack of time and funding. Therefore, what I hope you will take away from this resource is an affordable and pragmatic set of ideas to allow you to get started as a teacher to initial PhD/EdD researcher, whether this be in or out of the classroom…


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