Webinar: Dual Coding


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This 45-minute webinar offers teachers a resource which can be used to develop their knowledge of dual coding, perfect for teachers who wish to explore cognitive science and discover how to instil action-research approaches to teaching and learning at a classroom level.

The file contains a walk-through, a PDF resource pack and set of slides/ideas that subscribers can edit for themselves to help adapt these ideas back into their setting.



Teachers are curious about cognitive science but often don’t know where to start.

This 30-minute webinar/training session aims to help other teachers learn more about dual coding. This is particularly crucial at a time of insurmountable teacher workload and when the default mode of teaching is a never-ending juggling act. Using dual coding conscientiously in teaching enables educators to access more working memory capacity in students, thus increasing performance.

Using this method can help to improve memory and retrieval and the impact on teaching and learning is obvious. Teachers should assume that cognitive load theory will be different in many different subjects and teaching and learning age groups. Therefore, how you deploy and use dual coding methods will vary significantly.



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