Excellence in Teaching and Learning


In this resource,  you’ll be presented with six ideas for developing excellence in teaching.

This download includes a 72-page slide deck, a walkthrough video, ten editable templates, plus a CPD webinar with certificate.

  • Ideal for primary and secondary teachers and leaders
  • Perfect for CPD sessions or dissemination
  • On publication, this resource is exclusive to The Toolkit members for 12 months.
  • All webinars provide 2+ years of teacher training!


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In 2013, I first developed my playbook of ideas in Mark, Plan, Teach, summarising 30 ideas into one-minute cartoons for teachers to translate. The word ‘playbook simply represents a range of ideas for teachers to use.

Good teaching strategies provide a clear framework for other teachers to adopt, easily integrated into teacher training and coaching programmes to help teachers move to the next level. The Teaching and Learning Playbook (2023) offers valuable resources and strategies for educators. The resource aims to enhance the learning experience by incorporating innovative techniques into teaching methods to create engaging and interactive learning environments that promote active participation and critical thinking among students.

The playbook offers 112 ideas, covering a wide range of topics, including lesson planning, assessment, classroom management, and student engagement. It is a comprehensive guide for teachers to develop effective instructional practices and foster a positive learning atmosphere …



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