Effective Teacher Instruction


Together, this PDF resource explains Rosenshine’s research and combines it with my own pragmatic advice for schools and teachers, demonstrating what it looks like in the classroom.


Downloading the materials places you in a stronger position to be up to date with the teaching and learning research, and also translate the findings for your own context to be able to lead a training session for colleagues.

  • Full set of A4 slides in PDF format (7Mb)
  • Resource pack in PDF format (2Mb)
  • Four supporting articles (see below).



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These resources cover 65 years of teaching and learning research and experience, disseminating Professor Barak Rosenshine’s 17 Principles of Effective Instruction – which elaborates on his 40 years of research in education – plus my personal 25 years in education summarised in Mark Plan Teach. These resources are available so that you can lead the 8 of the 9 ideas for yourself. If you would like me to visit and bring them to life, please get in touch.

Access further reading to support the two downloads:

  1. 17 Teaching Principles of Effective Instruction
  2. 25 Years of Teaching and Learning Research
  3. Rosenshine’s research paper
  4. Mark Plan Teach sketchnote summary.



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