Podcast 144: 🎙️ How Does Learning Happen?

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How does learning happen?

Our 144th interview is with Dr Paul Kirschner, an international speaker and researcher, and emeritus professor of educational psychology at the Open University of the Netherlands and guest professor at Thomas More University of applied science in Belgium.

Listen to the podcast (44 minutes)

In this podcast, listen to Paul and Teacher Toolkit founder, Ross McGill discuss:

  • Key moments in Paul’s life, and his prolific research!
  • The motivation behind writing the book ‘How Teaching Happens’
  • Why cognitive load theory and Rosenshine’s principles are so popular
  • The dangers of simplifying and mistranslating research
  • Methods to avoid treating teaching principles as a checklist
  • Important aspects of instructional design and collaborative learning, and,
  • How can teachers help students improve their ability to learn collaboratively.

You can learn more about Paul on his website. and discover some important research in his books:

  1. How Learning Happens
  2. How Teaching Happens

One thought on “Podcast 144: 🎙️ How Does Learning Happen?

  1. Everyone learns instruction in different ways . Don’t overload them with instruction . Let them cognatively learn and know they won’t absorb it all at one time. Learning a way for all the students to follow your instruction. Don’t overload them with information all at one time.

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