Podcast 140: Brain Health + Improving Student Motivation

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Libby Isaac

I am a former Head of School, I now work more flexible working hours as I have a very young family. I am a Teaching and Learning Co-Ordinator for a Secondary School. I am an experienced senior leader and school improvement consultant. I am a...
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How can teachers improve student motivation?

Our 140th interview is with Dr Andrew Curran, a paediatric neurologist and speaker for teacher CPD; focused on studying brain health and psycho-emotional health.

Listen to the podcast (28 minutes)

In this podcast, listen to Andrew and Teacher Toolkit podcaster Libby discuss:

  • Key components of the brain and the neurochemicals that optimise learning
  • The importance of creating an emotional bond with each student
  • What is attachment theory, and how does someone learn?
  • The effects of dopamine on the adolescent brain, and
  • How teachers can create learning-enhancing relationships with their students.

The joy of neurobiology is not political, pedagogical, gender or religiously related. It’s just cells of communication to make connections to store data. It bypasses all of these ‘outer-skin’ ideals. What teachers need to do is impart knowledge neurobiologically …

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