🎙️ Podcast 138: Effective Instruction with Technology

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Lesson Up

Joshua McGovern

Joshua McGovern has been working with Teacher Toolkit since March 2018. He is responsible for our Soundcloud and iTunes channels and is the production manager for podcasts. He has a degree in Music Production and is a graduate of Leeds Beckett University. Aside from working...
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What if technology offered a way forward for teachers to apply research recommendations?

Our 142nd interview is with Sean Quinn, head of psychology at King’s Ely Senior School in Cambridge England …

In this podcast, listen to Sean and Teacher Toolkit founder Ross McGill discuss LessonUp, a digital platform for teachers containing over one million lesson plans; enabling teachers to sequence their curriculum and embed retrieval practice activities into their teaching.

Listen to the podcast (23 minutes)

  • The principles of Rosenshine and practising it in the classroom
  • LessonUp’s origins and how the tool aligns with Rosenhine’s principles
  • Creating ways to check all students’ understanding during a lesson
  • Using Rosenshine’s principles to increase student engagement and focus
  • Tracking students’ progress and contributions via LessonUp
  • How can LessonUp can be used for all student age ranges …



Using Rosenshine’s principles with LessonUp

LessonUp White Paper Rosenshine

In a recent white paper, LessonUp outlines how teachers can apply Barak Rosenshine’s 10 Principles of Instruction alongside 12 learning techniques and strategies and how teachers can apply the principles directly in the classroom.

It’s a brilliant take on the original research paper, offering practical ways teachers can use LessonUp software to bring Rosenshine’s recommendations to life in the classroom.

Find out how LessonUp technology can bring the 10 principles to life in your classroom!

Download the paper


LessonUp’s technology and their white paper highlight how teachers can translate Rosenshine’s principles into effective learning techniques for the classroom.

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