The Largest Teacher Database on Working Memory CPD

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What if all teachers received specific training in cognitive science, learning more about how pupils learn in classrooms?

As teachers, we spend years in teacher preparation programmes and professional development focusing on how we teach. Yet how many of us have been encouraged to ask the question, ‘How do we learn?’

This is not a new question.

In fact, it has been asked in many cultures and languages for centuries. As a result, we know much more about the brain and its functions, but why is neuroscience relatively new, and why are teachers only now catching up?

I am keen to build one of the largest teacher databases available across the UK to inform gaps in our formal teacher training, identifying areas of professional development for all teachers, regardless of experience.

If we all spent a few minutes sharing where our challenges are, we could all be better off using this information …

Take the survey?

Complete this short survey and you’ll get a discount code to claim 50 per cent off any of my teaching books!

I’ll share the data with you too.

This questionnaire will build upon the research published in my new book, Guide To Memory (June, 2022) and will be used to inform future training events in schools, colleges and other training settings.

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A guide to memory …

My new book unpicks my journey, learning more about cognitive neuroscience, making a slight transition into cognitive neuropsychology, unpicking parts of the brain and what happens anatomically in the brain when we learn something new. Inside you will find 10 chapters each with a) an explainer, b) a practical idea, c) a worked example and d) a blank template for you to adapt.

Throughout my research, I ask, ‘What difference will this make to a teacher?’

What I now want to find out is, how does what I (now) know compare to your teacher training …

Guide to memory is the perfect guide for teachers looking to understand how learning happens and how they can use this to maximise their impact in the classroom …

Find out more about the book.

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