Podcast 66: The Power of Surprise!

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Dr. Michael Rousell

Joshua McGovern

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Should we give pupils attention when they misbehave?

Our 66th interview is with Dr. Michael Rousell, a public school teacher for over 30 years. Throughout his career, Michael has been a writer and researcher and is currently an associate professor in teacher education at Southern Oregon University.

In this podcast, listen to Michael and Teacher Toolkit founder, Ross McGill discuss:

  • Michael’s educational background and his unique motivation for becoming a teacher
  • Academic studies and newsworthy PhD titles
  • What sparked Michael’s interest in hypnosis
  • The article, “Dear beginning teachers your instincts are wrong…
  • The study of surprises and how we react to surprises about ourselves
  • Michael’s top tips for teachers
  • What book Michael is reading now?
  • Top tips for people wishing to lead a TED Talk
  • Michael’s biggest career regret.

Listen to the podcast (25 minutes)

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You can find out more on Michael’ss website: michaelrousell.com and watch his TEDx talk.

Footnote: After the podcast, Michael replied with his biggest regret…

“Like most teachers, we grow adaptable and resilient. We make mistakes and learn from them. Big mistakes become big learning opportunities and we move on, remembering more about what we learned than the mistakes themselves.”

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