Podcast 60: How Can Teachers and Researchers Work Together?

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Dylan Wiliam

Joshua McGovern

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How long do we allow one student to disrupt the behaviour of others? asks Dylan Wiliam

Our 60th interview is with Dylan William, former mathematics, English and Science teacher Dylan went onto become a research fellow and head of school at Chelsea College. Today, he now works with teachers across the world helping them improve their practice.

In this podcast, listen to Dylan and Teacher Toolkit founder, Ross McGill discuss:

  • How his childhood teacher was great for his development but less so for other students
  • How many books will you read in your lifetime – and which ones!
  • Dylan’s views on the current dialogue within the English teaching sector
  • Explore when it is appropriate for teachers to trust and be influenced by research
  • What is meant by Action Research
  • How teachers and researchers can work together effectively
  • Explain the effect Twitter, in particular, has had on teachers who are engaging with research
  • Hear how Dylan’s work with teachers globally (and how the same issues) present differently
  • What Dylan would like to see changed in UK education
  • Dylan’s view on parental choice and Ofsted’s role in education
  • What workload issues have been generated within English education, and by who
  • The distractions and nuances specific to teaching in America
  • Inside the Black Box’ and why teachers should read it
  • Dylan’s top tips for new teachers
  • and finally, how his band’s failing became his teaching success!

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You can follow Dylan on Twitter and discover more about his work, presentations and research on his website, www.dylanwiliam.org

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