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Phil Naylor

Phil is a Deputy Headteacher , a Science SLE and a Local Authority Primary School Governor. Phil is the host of the podcast Naylor's Natter.
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What education-podcasts do you follow?

Podcasts are perfect for learning on the go. They make information personal and they are convenient and easy to consume. As well as these top recommendations, don’t forget to listen to the weekly Teacher Toolkit podcasts.

Teachers have always enjoyed a healthy discussion and debate about pedagogy and practice, whether it be in the staffroom at break time, the yard at lunchtime or in CPD sessions after school. With the advances in technology and the 24/7 lifestyle of the modern teacher, time for professional learning can become stretched or even cut.

Step forward grassroots CPD movements such as researchEd and the rise of podcasting teachers. Education is now blessed with some high profile podcasters sharing their insights and interviewing the great and good of the education world.

Here are 4 podcasts I recommend:

1. Mr Barton Maths

This has to be my favourite accompaniment to my infrequent gym visits. The soothing Lancastrian tones of Mr Barton play nicely to a fellow Northerner but there is much more to offer than a regional dialect. This podcast started with the intention of discussing Craig’s early career epiphany and how he wished he had taught maths after his Damascene conversion to more evidence and research-based practice.

He interviewed the great and good of the Maths world in his early episodes, with his regular features such as guests favourite numbers and guests worst lesson. In recent times it has become more diverse in its subject output. Craig has interviewed the legend that is Alex Quigley and they have clearly influenced each others thinking. Mr Barton discusses etymology and Alex describes algebra in this episode. With future episodes potentially featuring Oli Caviglioli, keep a close eye on Mr Barton Maths.

2. The Learning Scientists

In the Blackpool Research School, we are unashamed research and evidence evangelists and fans of the many academics leading this movement. My favourite book from last year was Understanding How We Learn by Yana Weinstein, Megan Sumeracki and illustrated by Oliver Caviglioli.

In these podcasts, they cover topics such as implementation, classroom noise and learning. My personal favourite is bite-size research on learning to learn effectively. They also do some excellent resources for your students so share this with Year 11/13 before exams.

3. The Inclusive Classroom

This is a new discovery for me and an area of education in which I am far from an expert. This podcast, particularly the episode with Jarlath O’Brien really opened my eyes to the current issues around inclusion.

This made me think really hard about values-based education. I feel that is important to have cognitive conflict in education and life in general rather than existing in an echo chamber. I am listening to all of Jules’ podcasts in the car on my travels and whilst I don’t always agree, the podcast is informative, passionate and packed with expertise. A must listen!

4. Naylor’s Natter

Now, there is no law against shameless self-publicity, so here goes! I started this podcast to shine a light on my passion for evidence and research-based practice with a spotlight on teachers favourite piece of academic research.

My intention was to showcase teachers who were using evidence-based practices with their pupils in their classrooms. I also wanted to add a local flavour with some Blackpool teachers to illustrate the impact that continuing professional learning can have on creating a high-quality teacher environment. I have some fantastic teachers lined up in the next few months, so do have a listen!

The next time you are wandering round Tesco, stretching the legs with the dog, running around a park or just commuting to school, load up the podcasts and use the time for some low-impact CPD. You never know where it may lead you!

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