The Top 12 Blogs of 2018

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Holly Gardner

Holly Gardner is TT Editor, as well as a Freelance Publisher. She has been working with @TeacherToolkit for over 6 years - since she published his first book in her role as Senior Commissioning Editor at Bloomsbury Publishing. Since then, she left her day job,...
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What have you been reading over the last 12 months?

In 2018, we saw the highest amount of readers visiting Teacher Toolkit since we moved to WordPress in 2012 – almost 9 million views! Here’s a look back at what we’ve published over the year and the most-read post from each month. Have you missed anything?


9 Teaching Ideas To Bin in 2018

We started off the year revealing the teaching strategies we were sick of and you’ve continued to read it throughout 2018. Refresh your memory on what we wanted to see the back of, and look out for our 2019 version!


Dear Parents

In the second most popular post of the year, Ross McGill shared some shocking statistics showing just how much marking teachers are expected to do. Read his letter to parents and see if his sums reflect your marking reality.


5 Ways To Make Knowledge Stick

In revision season we published this popular post providing tips for getting students ready for exams, ensuring that what you teach pupils in the classroom accompanies them to the exam hall.


The Life of A Deputy Headteacher: The Finale

In the final installment of his popular Life of a Deputy Head series, Ross McGill revealed his reasons for leaving his school and looked ahead to what the future would hold …


4 Essential Quick-Reads For Teachers

New Teacher Toolkit writer Hayden Reynolds was attracting readers in May with the 4 pieces of research he thinks all new teachers should read before embarking on their first role in the classroom, and as a matter of fact – that all teachers should ensure they’re familiar with!


7 Deadly School Sins

Could schools work more effectively if they stopped committing these deadly sins? Have a read of the 7 sins Ross McGill laments and see if your school is a culprit.


Summer Bookshelf 2018

In July, we shared the books that the Teacher Toolkit team had been reading and that we recommended you didn’t miss over the summer holidays. Check to see if you’ve ticked them all off your reading list.


The Burden of 32 Years of Silence

In August, Ross McGill spoke out after 32 years of silence against sexual abuse and this heartfelt post encourages others to do the same.


13 Marking Workload Tips For Teachers

Back to school, back to marking. Teacher Toolkit is a strong advocate of protecting teacher wellbeing by reducing workload. Lynn How shares her top 13 tips for cutting down on the time spent on marking.


4 Steps To Ditching Differentiation

How can we change the differentiation narrative? Differentiation is always a topic that gets TT readers clicking or debating and David Lowbridge-Ellis’ offering on the topic did not break this trend.


25 Years Researching Teaching and Learning

Only published in November 2018, but already the 4th most popular post of the year by December 2018. Ross McGill summarises 25 years in education in a downloadable PDF from Mark. Plan. Teach.


Visits to English Schools By the Secretary of State

Ross McGill wrote to the Department for Education to ask which schools Damian Hinds has visited in his role as Secretary of State for Education! Read what they said in this post.

Thank you so much for reading in 2018! Teacher Toolkit would be nothing without you and we look forward to publishing more content in 2019. Do get in touch if you would like to start blogging and you’re interested in becoming part of the TT team.

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