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Gerard Greally

Gerard is an Irish primary school & technology teacher based in Madrid, Spain. After training in London, he sought brighter skies and moved to an International school where he is ICT teacher to year 4, 5 and 6 students in an iPad one-to-one environment. Gerard...
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Are you using technology to enhance learning?

10 Reasons To Take A Bite:

With the release of The Apple Teacher program in the U.K. and Ireland I’m sure you’ve seen or heard colleagues discussing it, be it the impending doom of ‘another gimmick’ uttered by our old friend the coasting teacher, or the excitement of a NQT beaming at being the first in the school to achieve such elevated status.

What is all the fuss about? And is it worth your time and effort? Here are our 10 reasons to take a bite at the apple!


10. It’s world-class CPD.

This short, self-paced course will affirm that you know and understand how to utilize technology in the classroom. These training exercises have been designed to aid not only novices, but also to teach even the most advanced user a new trick or two.

9. It’s full of high quality resources!

Have you ever wondered how you can help students present their information more visually attractive and efficiently? Apple has provided you with the perfect resource. These are the digital skills that learners need to succeed in the modern world.

8. You don’t even need to be a teacher!

As a parent, it’s important to be able to help your children with their homework. It’s a rite of passage and a bonding experience. The Apple Teacher course gives parents a way to contribute positively in their child’s learning!

7. Lets face it, we all like nice toys!

If you want cool new Apple products to share with your students and enhance learning you need more than just the ability to use an iPhone. Use the Apple Teacher Certification to show school leadership that you are ready to integrate technology in your classroom.



6. Using Pages, Keynote and Numbers in your classroom will increase student collaboration.

New collaborative features mean that students are now able to collaborate faster and more intuitively.

5. It’s totally free!

You will enjoy learning how to optimize the use of the native apps and the students will not only enjoy your lessons more but this training will also help you to visualize and communicate ideas better with a wide range of learners.

4. You’re already doing amazing things in your classroom.

Why not get the accreditation you deserve?

3. By completing this training you will see an increase in your productivity.

Menial tasks will become more automated allowing you more time to do the things you really enjoy about teaching!

2. You will become better equipped to encourage creativity in your classroom.

Do your students struggle to visualise or understand a problem? You will be better prepared to stimulate deeper understanding and a new perspective.

1. Everyone Can Code

Giving students the skills to succeed in the future is at the heart of teaching. Coding is more prominent now than ever before. With Swift Playgrounds you can explore Coding with your students, maybe one of them will design you an app! Don’t be afraid! Show your students that’s it’s ok to not always have the answers. I have happily told my class that I can’t figure out a specific level, and they race to try and help me. Use your lack of knowledge as a motivational tool!!

Crunch Time

Apple Teacher is available right now, what are you waiting for? Click Apple Teacher and find out more. You can also explore what other teachers are doing with Apple resources here.

Gerard Greally writes for Teacher Toolkit

3 thoughts on “Become An Apple Teacher

  1. Thanks Gerald,
    In addition to the 10 points you have listed, teachers who go through the Apple Teacher program are modeling a digital, individualized, micro-credentialed, participatory learning process for their students. They will have a better understanding of how to shift pedagogy in their classrooms. Nurture modern learning by being a modern learner.

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