Podcast 120: Supporting Teachers with Borderline Personality Disorder

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Borderline Personality Disorder

Joshua McGovern

Joshua McGovern has been working with Teacher Toolkit since March 2018. He is responsible for our Soundcloud and iTunes channels and is the production manager for podcasts. He has a degree in Music Production and is a graduate of Leeds Beckett University. Aside from working...
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How can schools as an employer become more confident employing teachers with disability?

Our 120th interview is with, Katja, a secondary school and Modern Foreign Languages teacher specialising in French and German.

Listen to the podcast (45 minutes)

This podcast contains conversations about self-harm, suicide, paranoia and other similar themes.

In this podcast, listen to Katja and Teacher Toolkit founder, Ross McGill discuss:

  • Borderline Personality Disorder and the associated symptoms 
  • Navigating the professional world and different careers
  • Katja’s experiences of teaching during the pandemic
  • Support for teachers with BPD – What are the signs?
  • Treatments and the statistics for BPD
  • The challenges of being an MFL teacher in general, and with BPD and,
  • New focuses for MFL.

Katja has set up a petition for all schools to become Disability Confident employers, to ensure teachers with BPD have equal opportunities during recruitment and as employee

Your employer can also support teachers by signing up to be Disability Confident.

4 thoughts on “Podcast 120: Supporting Teachers with Borderline Personality Disorder

  1. I am a mid career teacher with bpd. I have never told my employers until now that I have this condition. There is always the fear that people will see you as a danger. I mask a lot and it is completely exhausting. I resonate with the discussion about lockdown: I really struggled losing my routine and felt I was doing everything wrong. I often feel paranoid about my work, feeling that it is not good enough and everyone feels I’m not doing a good enough job. It’s really tough to put on a happy face when you brain is telling you to die.

  2. I would like to know if we can be in touch with your guest? Also, which adjustements does her school give?
    Thank you

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